Florida, Republican Party, Tom Izzo discussed on Larry Elder


Time for the Republican party. I voted for Johncock. You can't have any more. I'm tired of the day. I didn't you know, Democrats left Daschle liberal. And now, they're very clean the left. I don't want that identity, politics and stuff like that. All the Larry learned so much from you and Tom Izzo, man, I'm gonna keep liberals net. Voted for a Republican in this state. I'm happy. John for that. First step. Harry. Campaign. He wants to make Florida greater great. Again. Florida's doing great right now if you elect Andrew. Florida. What's going to happen? Florida's great saying he's gonna keep it. Great way. It is gonna make it better the way it is changes. You don't want to change it Florida doing really good right now. You're up on Amies up everything. Great florida. Really good. You don't want to change. It wouldn't kill them in there. I hope these people realize bad move. You have to vote. Keep the fall roll. We. Takeover the house will Trump this decided, well, I guess is what people want polish border guards let people in sort of give up. You know what I mean? That's what I worry about. I think a lot of times you might just give up and say, that's what we want. If we vote that way. That's what they want to. Triple eight.

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