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The wash records club like news really be toned is one of my favorite shows until just because you always keep your job. He'd be real not watch the news but they're on twitter on facebook. They're you know they're listening to the breakfast. Show esau your time to get it off your chest whether you man last. Have we want to hear from you on the breakfast club. Hello this is from jersey man. Brick city jersey. I out dome morning. Charlemagne subrogation chestnut new of what's happening. Yeah yeah yes sir. Yes sir Calling him happy. I'm blessed man. Thank god my family will up this morning You positive uh just wanted to say thank you man. I mean thank god. I got a little problem. Would you say earlier man. I'll be supporting vaccine man. Don't promote that man. Don't put that on the air with people. I was just trying to tell people. Don't even support that man. I'm trying to be getting another. That man threw me man. it's good. What if they what if they offer twenty grand shot money where the life is not worth twenty. Twenty thousand is worth few could easily going down. I mean that's your choice. If you want to gwen doughy. But i want to. They offer me. Maybe i feel for two hundred new. Maybe even guys you brother hello. This is supposed to stack offi jess. And i wanted to know anybody females too so unappreciative all get it. What you mean wayne not all women. I love my mother and i love my daughter. I'm a single father but check this out. I left my female my for three months in my in three months every day. He telling me on do nothing for me. Oh yeah men all the down. Do nothing pas. Charleena's down and out and be highly for down our not. Let's go call for three months. i'll get it. What kind of call was stupid as the form. But it's a nice little notch not nice little family whip. When i left it to hold its shape. Oh six nine nine glamour it well. She's just she was in. And the how you get off having sex with if she was roach infested that without so you just kinda. You're forced to talk. I go to the foot still. And i know he was going through it like that then. A two thousand and sixty two thousand and twenty and you to roaches in the i charlemagne. I know how to take care of my cars for more. You know. in the south they'd be taken care of they call. You can't even say that just because it's old scudo mean that you're gonna have that trump said and they screen and understand. Is it me. Am i the reason why these females don't like this is not the yes definitely you why you gave a car. Anyway that's a goo- that's not even your girl that's this. I was lows in foreign thing. I brought it up in new york. You know how do we to make it. Look though when we in new york you know what i'm saying. I left it a family car. So you show equinoxes how you make the chevy equinox. Look good in you know. He said he got a foreign. He bought the foreign chevy equinox out there. Before you got bravo rentals. Low rentals along. Okay okay okay. Well absurd definitely is finding not the us and put little about got roaches. Dobro now we put the roaches in the car. Nbc put the roaches in the car. It's the miami female adventure for first of all I need you to stop screaming the word foreign so much. You know what i'm saying. Because i i would. I would like to tell you. Somebody twelve Foreign debt are available. Toyota tacomas toyota avalons honda cr v twenty sixteen toyota camry. Honda accords toyota. Corollas all foreigners to throw that out there tella. Who's this features. I just wanna thank god for disease. That's right you i know. Look thank god for this day for this job. I'm so blessed. I'm highly favor. I got my own business not just wanted to thank god. You're not just blessed and highly favored. you're blessed to black and highly favorites absolutely by amplats. How faith and i want to thank god for it. Okay all right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one zero five one. If you need event hit.

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