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So this, and this is why I think it would be more intriguing is that was there some type of. Was an electrical activity. It was this atmospheric. Was this something about that? Particular building Ken, these rips and space time, generated offficially and just imagine what would happen if a group of people or a species or whatever else possessed that type of technology that they understood how to create rips and spice time, and you could alter the outcome of time, you could alter the outcome of different dimensions. You could alter the outcome of essentially civilization. And I found this one particular story, which really does defy belief. But I want included, Hugh because it's just truly strange. Of course, I don't wanna judge a book by its color, and this book does have a drawing of Eleonora. It's very poultry of an alien only cover, but the book is called the second Oswald. It's written by Richard Paul is that an alien it looks like a circle Brown. It's on top of an oblong shaped wearing a daily coal that a drawing. I don't I don't know what it is. And I haven't read the whole book. So I'm not exactly sure what the argument is that he's making. But I believe from the title of the remember you asking me to buy that full you the other day. Why I want to include this goes back to what I was just saying imagine if there were a group of people that knew how to travel between dimensions that could do it all relates to the assassination of John F Kennedy and the allegation that there was a highly technologically advanced while there was a Lee Harvey Oswald in possession of a highly technologically advanced weapon that was used hit. Just before the assassination of Kennedy in a shooting range in Texas. So this story comes back, and we'll say, okay. So this story comes back. There was a dentist while the name of harm Abboud, and he was with his son. Now that was shooting next to Lee Harvey Oswald was sure there was they know who he was at the time. It was only Allah. Yeah. I saw him in the papers, and in the media TV and whatever else that the knew who he was. But the reason why they remembered him so well because this man was shooting at these targets, and he was hitting every single one even when he wasn't pointing the gun directly at the target. So it seems like whatever this gone was it seemed to have some homing type ability on the bullets, but he wasn't firing bullets. They claim that this thing was firing bowls of file he says every time that he shot a bowl of fi came out of the barrel. Every time and the marksman was shooting bulls is he wasn't missing. So he's shooting. This highly conspicuous highly. Secret, exotic technology at some public shooting. Right. Well, apparently the gun was described as being like a Cobb. I'd or something like that. But it seemed to be mortified so it still look like it was along the lines of a weapon that you didn't look like a phaser rifle from Star Trek. It's still look like a conventional weapon, but it was modified, and what it was firing seemed to be more exotic. Now, the reason why this came up though, is that the commission that was investigating the assassination of Kennedy actually had enough reports coming in that people Seoul Lee Harvey Oswald. It wasn't just home, and he son all the people this range and in the area at the time that all sorely havi Oswald that was there. So apparently, it definitely was him. But the problem was the report actually says insists there is actually other evidence which prevents the commission from reaching the conclusion that that was the real Lee Harvey Oswald. The reason being is that they had confirmed that Lee Harvey Oswald was actually. In Mexico City at the time that the witnesses reported seeing him on top of that the Lee Harvey Oswald possess this strange weapon was seen driving a car whereas Leon Cadillac. I know is that it was it wasn't reportable the call was. But apparently havi didn't have didn't drive. So we've got a ganger with exotic technology. It's a crazy crazy store, and the fact that enough people that, you know, just general members of the public that are not prone to making up stories when yeah can happen..

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