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Another underlying was in the class. He was cleaning out swimming pools and a wonderful actor by the name of robert donner who used to be on mork and mindy exeter under <hes> used to have to clean out the theater so <hes> we had the three cleaning jobs <hes> we lost robert tonner this past year and of course yes we know what happened the clint eastwood and jamie chill of farm or ranch cleaning up poop until yeah yeah. I was really raking it in literally when you got hired for mash for one episode wasn't it you know gary and loretta <hes> were signed to the show right from the beginning and i was sort of just they attack on. I was a one day <hes> day player. I came on. I think i got two hundred and fifty dollars for the day. I had like four lines on the show and the next thing i knew they kept calling me back. I did about six shows at first year and then i came back the second year did about twelve shows and then on in that year they signed me to contract. That's you know i always thought you were the most seen gene person on that. Show a warped way of looking at the world. I'm afraid i understand that <hes> <hes> there was a book that you put out in two thousand three. I believe i'm guessing joy. Is your wife. <hes> we've been <hes> i often often see i've been with the same woman for forty four years and if my wife ever finds out yeah we've got two children we have a son who's married married and blessed us with a grandchild <hes> and our daughter thirty thirty four years old and <hes> she's unmarried. We're we're we're. We're looking around trying to find some nice young man. I got a wonderful line. I tell everybody and alan alda gave it to me. She says you know why grandparents and grandchildren grandchildren are so close it's because they have a common enemy. Animal lovers listening in animal lovers would make a good spouse is the my wife is the pied piper. If there is an animal out there they will go to her. She is the kindest the sweetest thing that you have ever imagined in your life. We've we've always had pets. <hes> we <hes> we we had a pet. I bought her a a._m. A poodle years and years ago and then we found a straight dog brought that dog in and we have now three cats in our house <hes> <hes> and i can't think of one time when we didn't have animals in the house and if you if you are an animal and you come and stay at our house house. You're going to be spoiled white. We'll do everything in the world to make that animal comfortable and happy a five star resort there. I wanted to go back to the book. The book is about a camel hamel. The camel i guess was inspiration from the mash series. You're talking about the one that my wife and i wrote babies christmas. Yes that was a children's book. The particular campbell was that something you did introduce on mash. It was an imaginary camel that i had named habibie which uh-huh and so what we decided that we create a <hes> <hes> habibie <hes> remarries <hes> his wife habiba and they have a baby called a baby. I know we don't have a lot of time. I want to mention that a._d._m. To eight p._m. All day monday it's a marathon. It's a marathon earth on which i host. I do all wrap arounds for it and it's twenty episodes of half hour episodes of mashes that i have selected <hes> a lot of them on featuring me of course <hes> over the compound with budgie think slippers showing up as the statue of liberty when general macarthur's arriving <hes> eating <music> <hes> being time the the great gypsy fortune teller work <hes> in any any number of things that i have done on the on the show over the years it did the fun day and if you're a fan you'll enjoy it and if you've never seen the show here's a wonderful opportunity to see a great rate television elevator and it's on the hallmark channel monday so if you're off monday and you you you need something to do. This is an awesome way to spend your monday watching the mash bash with cleaner hosting jimmy far of course joining night you'll be you'll feel radha and gary on there and you know how much they i love the the animals that the good good another good reason to watch the <hes> the the day's event jamie. Thanks for joining us today. Here thank you. You have a good day. It's been party animal coming at you on animal radio. You know i was just thinking the other day about about two very interesting. I admitted here on the air before when i was very very very little to being afraid of dogs which is why i understand my daughter's fear of dogs logs and then of course we wound up owning too and there were two of the greatest love of my life my dogs rocky and cruiser but uh i was remembering the other day that what doesn't help because somebody almost said it to my daughter and i stopped them is when you're told oh. Oh don't be afraid of dogs. They can smell fear. You know no six year old wants to hear the word they can they can. They'll know i'm afraid oh and f._d._a. Sm- i remember someone specifically sending me they'll smell. First of all fear doesn't even have a scent but somebody said to me. They'll smell it on you and it drives because next thing you know you're walking walking by a dog and i'm not ready. You certainly can't smell that fair but you look at there's no reason why and there is this weird kind of electric in the air current. Thing happens that a dog. We'll start bar. I remember one time walking by dr. I'm not afraid i'm just looking straight ahead ahead. I'm not afraid and he started looking at the side. Is you look you're walking. Lucky young boy who's afraid of me and now i'm going to give you something to be afraid of. What is it with the they can smell the fear thing ever even understand that and if that were the case wouldn't dogs just be beefing skunks wouldn't it just be something out of west side story the dogs and the skunks rather than the jets and the sharks don't tell little kids that dogs can smell the fear her that is vinnie pens mantra on this week's party animal. Here is today's top of new story. I'm nick miles. De twenty twenty chevrolet silverado fifteen fifteen hundred with the all new three litre germ x. turbo diesel gets an e._p._a. Estimated rating of thirty three miles per gallon highway and twenty three miles per gallon in the city estimates fuel economy for the four wheel. Drive models is twenty nine miles a gallon on the highway twenty three city. Tim hendrix silverado chief engineer says the engine uses state of the on technology to optimize every drop of fuel to find your new silverado go to our views at enron expert dot com. 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