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Story hundreds of students, parents and community members called for the elimination of the Los Angeles School Police Department during a downtown March yesterday. No senior official has proposed defunding the school police for the coming school year, but La School's Superintendent Austin Buehner, said Monday that he would propose banning the use of pepper, spray and chokehold by school police funding for the police, a force of about four hundred seventy officers and civilians totals seventy million dollars annually. Those marching said they want to redirect that money toward mental health services, restorative justice programs, more counselor and nurse positions and other services that would benefit black students. In court, News Pacific, gas and electric pleaded guilty to killing eighty four people in two thousand eighteen wild fire that wiped out the town of Paradise California as part of a plea deal. CEO Bill Johnson entered guilty pleas on behalf of the company for involuntary manslaughter, stemming from the fire, which was blamed on the companies crumbling electrical grid. The admission came during dramatic court hearing designed to publicly shame the utility for neglecting its infrastructure, additionally PG and E. pleaded guilty to one felony count of unlawfully starting a fire, and they've agreed to pay a three point five million dollar fine in addition to five hundred thousand dollars for the cost of the investigation. In travel news travel restrictions at the US and Mexico border will remain in place through July twenty first. This is the third time border restrictions have been extended for an additional month. The initial joint agreement in March was adopted as a measure to prevent the spread of covid nineteen, and the current restrictions were set to expire next week, but for now only the northbound crossings remain open for US citizens legal permanent residents people with work visas, and those traveling for educational or medical reasons, crossings remained closed for recreational and tourist travel. In local news, a block long street are installation spelling out all black lives. Matter will remain painted across Hollywood boulevard after nearly being removed the words commemorate Sunday's Hollywood march, denouncing racial injustice and supporting lgbtq rights afterward on Sunday night workers started removing the words but La City Councilman Mitch Feral intervened, he ordered cruise to stop removing the words painted in Rainbow Colors and the Pale pink blue and white of the transgender pride flag. Oh, Farrell said he plans to work with the community and. On a permanent memorial commemorating the March And finally Jimmy. Kimmel announced yesterday that he will host the Emmy awards this fall, but with uncertainties presented by the covid nineteen pandemic Kimmel is not yet sure or when he'll host the show. What do we know? The Television Academy will announce nominations for the awards next month. And the show airs on September Twentieth. Kimmo previously hosted the Emmy Awards in two, thousand, twelve and two thousand sixteen. For these stories and more visit L. A. Times Dot Com..

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