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Here on CBS sports radio and we've got some interesting news in the booth so there's a lot of things going on right now al Michaels apparently is on the trade block you there's discussions right now of trading for a broadcaster which is crazy because this like never happens I didn't even prior to this story breaking a couple days ago I'd never heard of this ever being a thing so what is going on right now we're trying to remake the Monday Night Football booth because the Monday Night Football booth of last couple of years there's no other way to put it it's just been a disaster in a lot of ways to because once you had Jason Witten and that didn't work out and he went back to playing to get out of the booth to do it as gracefully as possible easily L. I guess I'll just keep playing we'll do that again so he leaves the booth yeah while they were in there or while he was in the booth with them now on the bed broadcaster just talking about I can't get out of my mouth you had the booger mobile on the sideline that got people really bent out of shape just these big massive playing roaming around in front of the people on the front row seats and then the like K. you're blocking the game for people who are paying for the most expensive tickets that's probably not a good idea no I okay we got a solution they put a TV on the back of the book above peel the broadcast the gate to the people who pay to be front row lots of things like that so the Monday Night Football booth has been messy they're trying to figure out a new solution they went all in on Tony Romo Tony Romo ended up making seventeen million dollars a year people at seventy million dollars a year that's too much for Tony Romo and they were completely wrong about that Tony Romo is absolutely worth seventeen million dollars a year because when you think about the quality of the broadcast does matter there's times in this this is one of those things that happen via your secure car and your drive in and its other talk shows on or a song is on air just sub consciously you just like bam you just hit the button but sometimes I've done that and I pull it that day I do a lot but part of it is you can just feel without even really thinking you can feel something is good or not if you're watching a TV show you might watch it for a minute or two ago like and this is kind of good this is and a broadcaster is something that's going to bring some life to it if they're good at it and so having Tony Romo in the enthusiasm that he brings to the table because that he's got to look at all these different subs like both quarterbacks checking into this I would look at that guy down the bottom the screen hearing aids you know like Romo having those kinds of moments adds life to the program it gets you as a fan so excited and you feel like you learn more that's one of the good things about getting a really great play by play guy the early color color color commentary guy is they can give you information that you weren't aware of they can highlight a plate away you weren't aware of and then your average fan I understand the game better so that's great Peyton manning you gotta figure is going to be really good at that and so for them trying to reorganize the Monday Night Football booth and going after Peyton manning and and maybe he gets twenty million dollars a year to do it you know what I think that's worth the risk a Peyton manning twenty million dollars if that's what it takes do it he could be good at that job manning is good at everything right he's a great quarterback one of the best quarterbacks you've ever seen he did SNL it was hysterical right it's just there's no reason to believe the Peyton manning will not be good in the booth and so I'm excited for that I hope it comes together in part of that is the idea of getting al Michaels paired with Peyton manning now this this is just my theory and I've seen this floated around but I I subscribe to the idea that Peyton manning probably once al Michaels in the booth with him if he's going to go into the pool Peyton does does he need to do it do you think Peyton manning is hurting for money I only got a phone get this broadcast he he's fussing with his wife like every day gets always like oh my god honey if I don't get this gig I don't know what I'm gonna do no he's Peyton manning he is printing money he's living a great life but there is a possibility that he could now go into the booth and with that a lot of money without Michaels all of that could come together that's a good thing for everybody get the quality of the broadcast you want to see that you get more investment that you notice one of broadcasters backed this sometimes you turn it on and you're just like oh my who who that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life who just said that now you might say that when you listen to my show Latin thing very much but there is something to be said for bad broadcasting and the problems that causes I mean we're talking about football right office of line to the same thing if it's a good offensive line you don't necessarily think about it but usually you realize that things are going good on some level you understand things are good and you enjoy it when it's bad it's a train wreck and it really sticks out and so seeing that Peyton manning and al Michaels could be the pairing for what we get here in the booth going forward I'm all for that I think that's good for the sport if they have to make that trade and trade for al Michaels then do that in one of the fun things that we've been doing tonight over the course of the show is we had a little discussion earlier what would be more useful with forty eight million dollars because al Michaels you gotta figure fifteen to twenty somewhere in that range Peyton manning rumored to be twenty million dollars to gather those guys could be forty million dollars in the broadcast booth for Monday Night Football it's a lot of money forty million dollars but also somebody who could be forty million dollars this year dak Prescott dak Prescott could get a contract worth forty million dollars you kind of wonder like all right if you're gonna spend forty million dollars what's a better use of that money or you better spending it on al Michaels and Peyton manning is that a good wise investment or is dak Prescott a better investment now the Twitter poll has not been kind to dak Prescott I'll say that is not very good right now al Michaels at Peyton manning eighty two percent dak Prescott eighteen percent for what's a better use of forty million dollars and you can vote on that pole at it's Vince Quinn but again I did mention earlier al Michaels is up on the trade block to make all of this happened now Peter Schwartz is is joining us in the studio is doing the updates this morning hello Peter good morning Sir so Peter did you know that al Michaels was previously traded I yes he was yes hello do you know what he was treated for he was a he was supposed to be on the ABC Monday Night Football team when they first got my football yeah and when John Madden decided not to go went to NBC al Michaels want to go to NBC so they treated us so ESPN ABC traded al Michaels with a contract about Michael's to NBC I think it was for some cartoon series or something like it will wrap it our ball rabbit you have all the lucky rabbit rabbit yes which was apparently created before Mickey Mouse the first cartoon ever from Walter I understand the moderates and cash considerations in that deal in hopes but also because if al Michaels fell down he just got traded for a car to that nobody had ever heard about that as a very catchy theme song by the way yeah that's what he's traded for you gotta figure out Michael's let go ballistic right yeah I just I cannot tell you the other thing too is a prime McCain's running the board today yeah no price you have to change or do you still have that exchange between the executives about Oswald the lucky rabbit all right so he's going to pull that up in a minute there's a great exchange as the trade negotiations were going okay what are like what is it like with two executives or heads of massive national networks what is it like for two people in charge of massive super valuable companies to get no room to have a conversation like that about the value of a broadcaster to trade yeah it's it's it's such a fascinating thing you want like I I don't know what you trade records for like typical MBA stuff for NFL stuff for hockey or whatever you know what the terms are generally right right right pick in draft picks cash considerations all that kind of thing so like I I didn't even know and like the conversations now what do you think they're actually talking about free trade for al Michaels are you there there's gotta be ever cut in it in a in a talk like that in negotiations like that I would imagine there's got to be pizza involved in it imagine there's got to be some adult beverages yes it is time for that that's very important so I would think so if al Michaels was literally traded for like a lifetime supply of beer to the executive could you could you do that I think so well either way you would get me to think to what what if what if another radio network came to CBS sports radio yeah he said we want things quick that won't happen I have not logged in nobody's little like V. I heard Vince Quinn crazy do you have a no trade clause in your contract contract I think I don't even know if I'm getting paid then nobody's untouchable yeah I don't have a no trade so if some another radio networking that the executives at CBS sports radio and said we want Vince Quinn yeah okay what would it take to make that happen money be like Hey take a self styled regarding the deal you know I'm not worth much I I don't think my trade value is very high I think so I don't know I I would hope it's good I hate you but you would have to you would be you would be like in treating you would be you have a good feeling about yourself at another network we would work so hard to try to get you know for sure and hopefully I'll get treated for something more than Oswald the lucky rabbit right that's how I got out Michael's a sitting at home in California thinking to myself I'm not leaving NBC well yeah I'm not I'm not leaving the best package of games for what they have on Monday night and that's location yes so here's here's something that I want to get to know so Brian McCann run on the board he's got the exchange between the executives when they had the discussion about treating al Michaels for a cartoon from the nineteen twenties so is that what was that exchange of NBC sports the time Dick Ebersol and Bob Eiger the CEO of Disney so Bob your calls him and says I'm willing to talk to you about letting al go to NBC but I have to but I gotta have Oswald the lucky rabbit back and Dick response with what and Bob responds with yeah you heard me right I gotta have Oswald the lucky and Dick Ebersol response who or what the blank is Oswald the lucky rabbit you've got guys a bit we're dealing with one of the most iconic broadcasters in America and the other side of the trade negotiation is a completely unknown commodity of a nineteen twenties card albeit that looking rather catchy al Michaels is like I mean I was well I bet they didn't ask for our like Mickey Mouse or Manila gorilla or Scooby doo for somebody this Oswald the lucky rabbit that was the deal it's two thousand and six Jackson's yeah I think it's already bad absolutely unbelievable so you gotta love it that that that was the tree before so who knows what L. Michael's gonna get traded for next but I can't wait to find out hold Hogan had a cartoon series many years ago yes he did you know you and I can't believe I was involved in a transaction that may I used to watch it Saturday morning yeah it's so great I can't imagine how bad that you also lucky rabbit hole the lucky rabbit yeah I all right so my prayers that my vitamins and watch the whole company cartoon that's I don't cook it wasn't having vitamins at that time I think you said it's a little stronger but you know because that's life.

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