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Le-le-let's great. Would you take the nine hundred four million dollar payout or or or extended over thirty years? Thirty years that. First of all, I give it out to my family. I give this one hundred dollars. That one. That's what I would do. Thirty reporting live Charlie liked to WJ NewsRadio ninety Fifth Avenue j news time. Eight thirteen to west Bloomfield brothers are behind bars for running a strip mall that police say was actually a place where they were dealing dope. Live and local details from Mike Campbell, Mike. It's a check cashing business as well as another storefront Connor at Warren Roberta on the east side. And police rated that yesterday Detroit police say they seized seven hundred twenty thousand dollars worth of heroin fifty thousand dollars worth of marijuana and about a dozen or so containers of what appeared to be federal they also uncovered some cocaine at the stores as Well Detroit narcotics. Officers said the business was being run out of the check cashing business in the storefront and both are owned by two brothers from west Bloomfield. So while Detroit police rated the strip mall storefronts police were also writing the brothers homes in west Bloomfield, in addition to the drugs police say they found a lot of cash. Cash at both the homes and at the businesses reporting live, Mike Campbell w j NewsRadio nine fifth hour. We'll check Evertonian Tony OT. Look at sports is coming up next. There.

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