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And so potentially it's thought whereas unprocessed fresh red meat would not and would have lower levels of preformed nitrates in it so that's often offered as an explanation for well on process meets not likely to be a risk but maybe if we accept process mijas this could explain the difference so i think they're kind of high level points that are mostly interesting. I think with this topic shire's and we'll definitely get into the topic of processed meats because we're talking about that within the processing of those in the curing of meats is where we have this nitrites added and there's certainly a lot to discuss their. I think probably from the health aspect it might be useful for us to outline will. Why are we thinking about this nitrite nitrate nitrite and pathway as a being nitric oxide. And here this may have potential effects. Weren't we're looking like blood flow advisor. Dilation and hence what's being looked in areas of like atherosclerosis. And i think kind of an interesting side note when i was looking at some of the the history of some of this research when it started being noticed that there may be conversion within the body where we're getting movement from take. No two no two minus which is nitrite and no three minus which is nitrate one of the early studies. That was done was by green at all. Nineteen ninety-one where they showed that this nitrate excretion seemed to be four times the intake that someone would have of dietary nitrates. So hence like. Where's that coming from and started this work to work that out and given about what you said about the sources of nitrate being particularly a good sources green leafy vegetables. That paper by green at all nineteen eighty-one was followed up by one of his colleagues almost unbelievably leaf at all nineteen eighty-nine which showed this nice lineage. Of one of the precursors think than conversion into no no two minus three minus. and so. we're starting to see that there's conversion between these and it can go up and down this pathway. Which will probably discuss at a later point but hence why we're trying to work out. Want his having these various impacts on health because it seems at least on the dietary nitrates. Which again were mainly getting from green leafy vegetables spinach rocket beetroot and so on seems to carl with positive health outcomes which will discuss including blood pressure. But that was just an interesting aside when looking at some of the evolution of this. yeah and coming across. There is a nice paper a review which had laid at some of the in relation to cardiovascular disease ashim ischemic heart disease in particular that you know for treatment of hypertension and Both nitrates and nitric esters were used kind of early as the nineteen thirties for for those indications so that there is there is a history of use of these compounds in a clinical context out. Of course there. There are these inverse associations epidemiologically with vegetable sources of nitrites and reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease. Nobody intervention studies using nitrate rich. Beetroot juice in particular has been a popular intervention supplement..

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