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I did not in based on how you're leading into this i'm now a little curious what was it all right so she there was no mention of whether the show is coming back they talked about better things a lot but there was like when he did the plug at the end he didn't say it's coming back on this date or anything like that and by the way it was keri russell and pamela adlon so it was like the book those two guests for me per personally but anyway panel adam was on there was there was no mention of louis c k at all which i guess i wasn't surprised by but they did take a couple of seconds to tell a couple of cosby jokes and i found that to be they were they were they were not flat out kimmel brought up the name cosby and then she kind of added to it it wasn't like they didn't go out of their way but just kimmel brought bringing up cosby's name and then pamela adlon like sort of joking a little bit it wasn't a big joke but it was just like i went i cringe the minute he mentioned cosby's name and the minute that adlan you know sign of added onto it when in fact the the elephant in the room was louis ck and i found it really i don't know maybe it was i think it was a huge mistake on kimmel's part maybe he regretted it the minute he said it but it seemed it was very weird because the elephant in the room was ready c k before they brought up you know and made a little a little snide comment about cosby and i didn't know whether you saw it or not but i found it i found it really disappointing i mean it sounds it sounds unpleasant and unfortunate and yeah i don't i don't know that there's any timetable for the show's return i i don't think they've started production on the third it didn't sound like they spend a lot of time talking about how great the show is and they you know they talked about the eulogy episode for you know at length and it just seemed like somebody you know it seemed like jimmy kimmel had somebody on that he admires and thinks is great wants to keep her in the public eye there's nothing really new to talk about.

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