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Because if you do God forbid have to discharge that weapon. There are going to be attorney's fees, Texas, lawshield dot com. Coverage has no caps. No limits. No, deductibles and zero attorney's fees even for an appeal, Texas law, shield dot com, Texas law, shield dot com. Spoke for these folks for years because I believe in it. You're listening to a special presentation from Fox News paying respect as in paying respect to the significant people who died in two thousand eighteen I'm Hank weinbloom. And we turn our ears now to the music makers, the people who gave us our tunes, and we'll start with a recording studio engineer named Glenn is snotty who invented this sound. Matt distorted guitar sound made immortal by Keith Richards in the open disatisfaction snotty came up with the fuzz pedal. And from there we go back to rock and roll is beginning. Bound Peggy sue Garin was the girlfriend and future wife of the drummer for buddy Holly, and the crickets she was Peggy sue Nancy Sinatra was Frank's first wife the. The Jackson Five Michael when he went solo..

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