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That's a perfect segue. There's many advocates experts legislators who love the local all ninety seven. They have some of these questions that i just asked about. You know what about the smaller buildings and you know how do you get rid to ensure compliance that that you don't even you know as you said that you get two zero finds being paid because either. That's not an option or on a resume but the next frontier seems to be this bill and the city council. I think it's twenty three seventeen speaker. The city council just said he favors it banning gas hookups in new development where the administration so the mayor has has said going back that he thinks it makes sense to have a date certain after which there would be only after which we wouldn't use fossil fuels in our building. So we're broadly supportive of this. We really look forward to to working with the city council to get this done. I think if you look at the the state and the federal level and you look at the direction. The industry is going. I think everybody agrees that the buildings of the future or ones that. Don't rely on fossil fuels. i think that No new york city really is poised to be a leader in developing and building. These new buildings and and these aren't pie in the sky. Things we see buildings right now being built in the five boroughs that don't rely on on fossil fuel combustion And and it's really exciting. I think i think that's definitely the direction we should be going. And and the mayor mayor supports putting an end date. After which we wouldn't we wouldn't have fossil fuel use in large buildings particularly for you know for for the the heating and cooling systems..

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