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More worse and more subject to people who upset you. It's a vicious cycle. Now, if you can give up anger. If you can overcome, and I suggest that you go to my website or. Yes. My website and take a simple. Meditation. Seven-minute minute meditation. Seven minutes will help you to overcome emotional reactions. As long as you have emotional reactions. You are subject to more and the more you struggle. The worst you become the more you drink the more you smoke, the more you feel better you actually worse. And you can't understand it you feel better. But you're worse sooner or later the worst appears. I suggest that you drop your motion because you're never be able to overcome your problem with cigarettes or anything else. Drew up that emotion that those people go no I have to go on with my show. All right. Maybe two maybe on Monday, Our Lady and thank you is that good enough for you. It was all and. I really liked what you had to say. It just give it just look at your mother or your father, whoever it was that got you that way upset that immediately. We all reaction allows them, their nature, whatever that nature is is horrible. Into you. And it speaks through you as if it was you make you do all kinds of stupid things and kill yourself. Even currying yourself is. You will you you will die. If you don't get rid of the emotion. When you when people on a cruel or mean or treacherous.

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