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And i remember it kind of fell flat. It wasn't. I didn't like steed or prettier. Gambit or anything like that or even tr seven. Because i used to have one like that the that they drove around and i it just fell flat because it didn't know what it was supposed to be and the avengers had any trouble. Watching the the m appeal tara king episodes. I never had any trouble watching those and going. This is a fantasy the new avengers. It's like this is. This is reality with existing on the fringes of a fantasy universe. Bugs has taken that one step further. I feel like they want us to believe that they're in fantasy universe like this put. There's no clues to it. There's there's nothing about it that that sets. It is absurd when you're watching it. He i watch it. And i i feel like it's supposed to be dead serious and yet it can't possibly be so i think that's a failure on their part. I don't think they've got the mix right for what they're doing. I don't think is the problem with this show. I mean i. I i like the mix i also liked the new avengers. I think that what what you're referring to in avengers itself is the result of essentially for or more seasons evolution of absurdity out of what was initially much like this quite kathy grounded but with elements that were unusually exciting extraordinary glamorous in some ways and i think that is what each subsequent show has done and yet the red definitely episodes of the new avengers way you can point out where they were finding them away with it and in trying to find their way trying to to kind of work out what the limits world where they set the tone they fell flat or they. They strayed beyond. What's the promises of the show really allowed you to do. I mean actually. I think you can point us in really late. Avengers because pandora is very odd in relation to the source story structure of the show. And i think some of the some of the new avengers. That's true of his well. What will be interesting watching bugs. Back to back or watching. Every every episode boggs was dipping into it. Just because i didn't have anything better to assess the night we'll be to see to. What extent does the show actually over a longer. Run the new avengers half almost twice. I guess does it actually find its feet because it already feels like. It's got a sense of the balance between fancying reality but it doesn't feel like it. It necessarily has the confidence you talking about the avengers having had well. I guess we'll we will find out what time next time. We are looking at said seven which is called. Manna from heaven. If i am not mistaken anything else on this episode for you gave me all right well simon. Thank you for joining me. It's a pleasure as waste and listeners. I do hope you'll join us all again next time on fusion.

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