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At indeed dot com slash credit. 10 03 Welcome in on a Monday January 4th 2020 cloudy now 37 as we get into the mid forties today, Good morning. I'm Deborah Feinstein and I'm Mark Lewis with the top local stories we're following at this hour. D C leaders want you to avoid going downtown to counter demonstrations that are planned in support of President Trump on Wednesday and Cool church is asking for more help from police to historically black churches that black lives matter. Banners burned by members of the proud boys last month. One of those churches, Asbury United Methodist, told wt O P that they've requested. D C. Police increased their presence and surveillance during protests this week, D. C. Mayor Bowser is urging everyone to stay out of the downtown area Tuesday and Wednesday. President Trump has encouraged his supporters to protest as Congress votes to affirm Biden's victory. DZ Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Vincent Branham said in a statement that while the right to protest peacefully must be strongly defended, the call for violence must be equally opposed. Gallery bonked w T O P News and there are also calls to stay away from lawmakers in Virginia under your Lord stand in Loudon County. Board of Supervisors chair Phyllis Randall is asking other elected leaders to encourage their constituents to not go downtown to counter protest Wednesday. Randall describes the situation as a tender box and says having counter protesters there will add an unneeded strain on police. She believes the group's coming to town are more than willing, in fact, eager to engage in violent acts, and that counter protesters would unnecessarily embolden those friend groups. In her words, Please stay home on January 6th in Loudon County, Neal Augenstein w T o p. News. Meantime, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under law is filing suit today on behalf of Metropolitan African Methodist Statistical Church. That church wants to hold those accountable for violence targeting historically black churches in the district. The suit says the church was victimized when proud boys members climbed defense, answering church property and Destroyed a large black lives matter signed. The church was proudly displaying. The suit alleges that the brown boys coordinated acts of trespass, theft and destruction of property. Other area churches were targeted as well. President elect Biden's win will be certified by Congress on Wednesday this week. But many Republicans in the House and about a dozen in the Senate say they will reject the electoral college vote will now Samaria political leaders are responding to that, calling it dangerous and discriminatory. Governor Larry Hogan is calling the efforts by his Republican colleagues, a quote mockery of our system and who we are as Americans, his statement released yesterday went on to say. President Trump and his team have had every opportunity to provide evidence supporting their claims, and they have failed to do so. Senator Tim Kaine calls the efforts an attempt at a massive disenfranchisement of voters and a dangerous attempt to overthrow the government all for political games like they don't object to these election results if they don't try to overthrow the Georgia election, for example, that the Trump voters will take it out on the speaking on MSNBC, he says there are talks about what else can be done to stand together to support the peaceful transfer of power. Held w T o p news. Meantime, we're learning that the president elect's inauguration, which is 16 days from today, will be dramatically different from previous ceremonies because of the pandemic organizer's say the virtual parade will be televised and will feature performances in communities across the nation. Swearing in ceremony will take place on the West Front of the Capitol. The new president, new vice president will view a socially distanced military pass in review on the capital's East Plaza before heading to the White House. The new president will receive a ceremonial escort from 15th straight onto the White House grounds. The goal is provide historic images without big crowds. Dick Uliano w T o P News Well coming up here right after traffic and weather will help you make some financial resolutions for 2021 with CBS is Jill Schlessinger, 10 07. Hi. I'm Patrick Singles owner. A new look home design, You know, go out to your car in the windshield covered in frost. You don't have ice scraper gloves, So you just have to use a credit card. You stand there with frozen fingers.

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