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Morning edition from NPR news. I'm David green. And I'm Rachel Martin today for our American anthem series. A song that's been heard over and over and over again in many households where the kids dictate the soundtrack. Hold on. Let it go from the Disney animated film frozen. Adina Menzel is singing this version the song won an Oscar and a Grammy. But here's something you might not know for many people with disabilities. Let it go became a personal anthem. Here's NPR's Joseph Shapiro. First some background in frozen. Let it go is sung by Queen Elsa. Just moments after her dark dark secret has been discovered for years. She's tried to hide the cheap possesses. A magic power. Let them see be the good girl. Conceal. Don't don't let them. Also can create snow and ice. It flies from her fingertips. She's this little girl. Nobody has ever been born like her this girl. The secret, Kristen Anderson. Lopez and Robert Lopez they're married wrote the songs for frozen Elsa can't control where power on the day of her coronation by accident. She turns her entire kingdom to ice. She runs away to the isolation of a distant mountain. Lopez and Anderson Lopez started writing the song thinking about how Elsa was ashamed. And afraid I pitched the idea of of let it go as the hook being about letting go of her past letting go of the expectations. But also how it could let her power go. And then Bobby started playing this vamp that had all this pain in it that Donna. That was full of all that fear and shame and secret. Isolated pain now alone Queen Elsa accepts that. She has these powers. She starts to let go of her. Shame snow blows wein-o-rama for this to be a good musical that. That's one of the best parts when a character transforms. The moment when Elsa transforms at accept who..

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