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Oakville join abc news at six o'clock well maybe you uber to counsel robert muller's now also investigating the trump tower meeting of last year with donald junior top aides than a russian lawyer ikea vollage vp at a russian real estate company with ties to president trump was also they're making eight people abc news chief investigative correspondent brian ross catalogues is now an executive for the russia in billionaire and friend of vladimir putin who helped set up that trump tower meeting yet another person left out of done juniors suppose it full disclosure of third previously undisclosed meeting between president trump and russian president putin the germany summit has just been confirmed by the white house it was a social dinner attendees tell ian bremmer prison under the eurasia group think tank that mr trump got up to sit with putin and one of putin's translators talking about an hour bremmer saying the conversation was very animated and jovial white house confirms to abc news this past hour the president trump invites all republican senators to the white house for lunch tomorrow to talk healthcare and others zhu's senate republican leader mcconnell saying a vote will take place early next week on repealing while not replacing obamacare a twoyear delay which would give us the opportunity to work out a complete replacement audubon partisan basis with our democratic frowned but at least three republican senators say they'll vote no on that more on the minneapolis police officer who allegedly shot to death from his squad car woman who was a bridetobe last weekend police said the officers were responding to a call from the woman about a sex assault nearby abc's lindsey davis in minneapolis the officer who fired the shot identified in news reports as muhammad nor a two year veteran according to abc affiliate k p he had three complaints filed against him were still open one dismissed noise attorney released a statement extending his condolences to the family and adding that he empathizes with the.

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