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And that's what it looks like salmon some and says no room for politics in football. Take it all away. And he's absolutely roy. All we wanna watching. Football is football players. Trying to school goals trying to entertain politics has no place in football for me but you saw the daily mail yesterday but there was a lovely place by alan hudson in written boys. Good friend jeff. Powell solve my father medal for five grand. When lowest became so much harder and or the recalls his house in days on the page and these turbulent absolutely fantastic rates are always. If you do get a chance is on. All of our socials about alan hudson and the trials and tribulations of one of the great players the but we haven't produced mud produc- south over the but only present play dot that show ability exactly but when he's representing alcon jail when did not presenting chelsea. You know we look at it. i look at. there's both ways does. The kunti is produced appa players on the if it had been allowed to play an express himself i mean he will inside that but it had got sick of agony and just like i did besides money just so you come fall dwell. They want you to do it. But you you you football. Brady's telling you something giffen in you know. He's not nice people like good. He's not nice people like stumbled. You not lie. People like Tony currie because people look anything. They looked after themselves and listen to listen. Just sometimes don't agree with the with the format of albany. You wants to play the falsify hundred percents and that was terry terry could in. That was seventy corey's problem. We've done river downriver. Didn't see him ramsey picked him. I think he was in quite a lot of ramsey squads and played a number of times for ramsey as he did for ron greenwood as well but revie completely overlooked. Tony played one game for england. Don revie and that was switzerland away when we want to one and he said to me. You need to work harder because he had a problem. It didn't think tony corey works. Hard enough tony absolutely. Rooney's not off that noise. It was one of these regrets. Went onto the recent podcast moist. Empties podcast with tony. In fact as we're talking about tony corey. Let's go into our book corner in association with more football books dot com. Because.

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