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Dr Monica is Noni with miracle mile pediatrics tells getting. Doctors were okay with the original Bill, but she understands the pushback. Parent groups vaccine groups were very concerned about the far reaching implications of the Bill. So the changes that have been made are reasonable. But she says before the current law, too many doctors were writing exemptions at weren't necessary. Rub. Archerd KNX in seventy NewsRadio three thirty three acting Defense Secretary. Patrick Shanahan has decided to step down instead of face a Senate confirmation hearing on his nomination by the president to get the job on a permanent basis. We have in depth team coverage of the story Shanahan says he's stepping down because he thinks the public hearing would reopen painful wounds involving passed a family issues, including domestic violence. The president has named army chief, Mark expert to take over as acting Defense Secretary and CBS news. Military analysts Mike lions says that since Shanahan had no military experience as a better fit for the job. Anyway. He's done actually great job as secretary of the army in the past year. He's has a background both on the civilian side. And then also with working with congress on Capitol Hill. So and combine that with his military career he makes a solid choice for the president. Not clear. Yes, whether Mr. Trump will nominate us for be the full fledged new secretary of defense. President Trump says he just learned about allegations of domestic violence and Shanahan's family within the past couple of days. But Mr. Trump says that doesn't mean there was a failure in the vetting process for the now former Defense Secretary nominee, we have a very good.

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