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A lot I don't know if you remember this is obviously the Mike francesa studio there's the plaque right there I no longer shows out of it unfortunately is just strictly at home but this is the Mike Francis estudiante view for you fan fans you probably know what it looks like Mike has obviously been on TV forever moves in Maggie enjoyed Evan or both now streamed a live from the studio and they've decided to add some things and join Evan have one hell of a figurine and bobble head collection and they've decided to live in the studio here with a bunch of awesome little bomblets maybe I'll take some pictures and put them on Twitter but they've done a wonderful job right in front of me unfortunately is Sanchez in reverse so there's a lot of jets but there's a lot of a Carmelo Anthony made the cut I'm surprised Evan has all his Bala looks like it did with the Bible had but five and No more Garciaparra Rickey Henderson Mike single Terry John Elway Manny Ramirez in a Dodgers uniform Willie Mays is a lot of good ones here obviously then you got the map ones no Syndergaard fully in for Stormo is at the the metal wings on his helmet is he holding a hammer I think so a lot of cool once they do a good job their office is filled with a bunch of different stuff adding you know Steve summers odor is a Cheryl this would slumbers I shouldn't say water in a C. is the best eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six so we started with the Rangers we got into the Yankees obviously the Rangers with a brutal loss two devils and you know I know this is a tough thing for the Rangers to accomplish anyway but coming off the performance the other night against the capitals and watches have been a jets for those five goals in hearing Samrat Rosen's call on that final goal is was just so much fun and the team looked you know between him and pairing the two superstars just playing on a level the Rangers really haven't seen from S. superstars you know it's even when it seems good and am playing in postseason games and and playing in the Stanley Cup games the only superstar that ever really played well well in the post season was Henrik I mean Nash came hearing was terrible the posting is that some good regular seasons but was terrible I made him really have superstars they'd greedy guys it started with the Johns world seems like blocked shots they play defense you know the day and the Girardi is of the world in the Callahan's of the world not the most talented you know playmaking guys I really thought was the last in the last handful of years I would say is a corolla with their best you know playmaker put areas so much better than the grocery we're discussing is unbelievable did not have the best time to get the devils but it's unbelievable and now they have the structure they can head out west Megan will play Dallas Nagel play Colorado and they're going to go play they have a home and home with Pittsburgh they have a tough stretch coming up and this was a game they had to win I really that I you know it I think this really puts a damper on their postseason chances right now they have three spots out of a postseason spot the three points excuse me out of a postseason spot behind the blue jackets and the islanders they could have been one point out and they have Caroline Caroline in between them and the wild card as well and now they're going on a very difficult stretch out of all those teams I just mentioned they have the most difficult stats schedule down the way it's going to be difficult and it needed to start with a win against the lowly doubles at home they're coming off of back to back in a win against St Louis the Rangers need the game so much more than doubles doing that's fine I was came out you're the coach Marco played the cut a couple times we talked about one team won the game more than it was in the eighties excuse me the Rangers and wasn't the Rangers and that was a game they have sleeves went and they came out and didn't play well nigh Igor first came back from a broken rib it's amazing that he took less than fourteen days and we're talking about Erin judge probably gonna have to remove the ribs and see and and all this and and Igor comes back in less than two weeks I know it's not the same thing is that the same torque on your body is a swing and all that but still guys getting pucks shot at about ninety miles an hour brokerage no problem Aaron judge will see in the office well that's it for me tonight Daniels here in the building hello thank you my brother I appreciate it I will not see you next week you'll hear college basketball but I'll catch you soon.

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