Santa Anita Weekend Stakes Preview


Budget stakes. Nita will start in re number four bobby the desert code named after the two thousand eight turf, Sprint winner I believe we just kept turf sprint winner down the hill. I believe it was two thousand and eight five and a half wrongs. Maybe, it was oh seven, not sure five and a half furlongs. No more hill We feel the six. And it's unfortunate I wish they were still running down the hill, but now we get five and a half furlongs on them were conventional turf course, and there's plenty of speed as you may expect in this race number, one Phantom boss number five party town both the speed of the speed plane, and simply I think number. Four rookie mistake is better than this field. She's been in the money. All four tries on the senator turf course to. To wins two thirds. She's learned how to sit a little bit off the pace and come with a bit of a run. Six furlongs looked like it was a little too far for her last time out five and a half furlongs. I think it's a right between the eyes or hit. It's m right between the eyes and I think rookie mistake at five to two is a horse that I would single if I'm playing horizontal wagers. Bobby Newman, perhaps saying. She because the number two, she's so special on the boys. She beat them last time in an entry level allowance optional claimer where it appears. She was in for the tag. She'd runs through conditions. She was in for the tag. Nobody claimed her now. She's two to one morning line favorite. Boys in the desert coat. She is a perfect two for two at five and a half promos. Don't let the distance marker in the region form full you. They clump in the five furlongs in the five and a half. She's a perfect two for two at five and a half furlongs Peter. Miller That's landed the deuce to Philly against the boy she so special race four goes at the desert

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