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I think the patriots are distinct from every other team in the nfl and i think if the patriots had found value in colin kaepernick regardless of what he had done on the sidelines i think they would have signed him maybe but they didn't and it's it's how it appears to this particular point to the personnel point what surprises me most about this because let's use capital he's a cabinet quarterback yeah tom brady tom brady is the least capper nick like quarterback man's zell like quarterback russell wilson like quarterback in the league if you put him out there you'd have to change your entire offense ally i mean it just that's what struck me as so weird that johnny manziel for that team yeah although that team does weird things beyond even his ability to potentially compete for an nfl job i just look at the the immense amount of privilege that exists in his life at just by think about socially the fact that he had this fall and he had the security system in place to protect him and he had the wherewithal to look to family and he's now able to rise up so quickly it's three years that that's years that's and he renamed for somebody forget the laughing stock for somebody who was suffering from substance abuse fuse i think it is age and just his lifestyle i don't think i can go to addiction at this point but the fact that he had those systems in place just speaks to the privilege around him that would not necessarily be available to a lot of other fall at lawrence phillips see that level.

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