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It has this echo lock affect the entities that are. Kind of imbued within these objects. They then influence us in this reciprocal way and then it gets worse. So yeah, it actually influences us as he says it kind of shapes out volition in way. So yeah, it really fascinating stuff. I love this idea of the vector of will and that that actually the pal is the initial entity in that creation. And again, the idea. The funny thing is the last couple of chapters of this book. You might be questioning. Well, if all this stuff is real in, you know, there is some kind of intelligence in my coffee machine. How do I go about influencing and the loss three chapters ole instructional? Oh, say for example, he says, when he picks up his coffee mug in the morning. He sends respect to the monk. Oh, you such a great coffee Mogo look how well-designed you. What did you get Todd of doing that? And when you driving your car, you're gonna be like, oh, you'll such a good motivational. Haven't you done a good job today? Well, done well done Ford with your broken crappy transmission. Yes, three times. That's what you go to. You've got to fill your environment with with good intentions with with good thoughts and goodwill, and the entities that a surround you will reciprocate and sent it back. I'm plays at you did that because in the plus extension coming off of this break, I'm going to go into the dock technological future that were approaching with something known as intimate plus. So yes, we have the intent now, yes, we have computers about maybe ten years less than ten years. We're going to enter into world known as internet plus everything you can possibly imagine, including your taste shit is connected to the internet because it's actually cheaper for manufacturers to put chips or whatever else computers into the autumns that it would be to keep them out of them and the terrifying ramifications that actually could have for our society as a whole. The destruction of humanity could only be around the corner that careful dolls in will we'll have been talking about because it's one of those intention. It's about the intention that's being created here. So one of the books. That David Spangler is working on is precisely looking at the technolo- mental that behind. Yeah, I, you know the internet. Okay. Well, that's perfect. That will line up very nicely and all majors all mention that after the break, because there is a section where he tries to send these consciousness through the electrical outlet of home because he wants to get in touch with the the elemental of electricity. Oh, that's a weird thing to do. It doesn't go well. As imagine, shocking shortening revelries coming up plus extension. If you want to get access to that hit mysterious universal full.

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