Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse, JOE discussed on P&L With Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz


Visit two the verdict star wars the last jedi i hit is the second highest domestic preview gross of all time according to the walt disney company in the film's two day international release or preview the cumulative box office gross is over a hundred and five million dollars so can anything go wrong with the kingdom of mickey mouse now being joined by the likes of 21st century fox here to tell us more as jono sarah a columnist for bloomberg view and you can follow joe on twitter nocera b v vets for bloomberg view joe so what do you think about this a 52 plus billiondollar acquisition of these 21st century fox assets i think that the day will come when they look upon the fox assets the way they're looking at espn now it's a it's a these are assets that they're going to be in decline movies that people really like to watch the movies all do our i am the problem is ravenous what disney is talking about is taking these assets and making them are part of a of a streaming app that will be the disney version of networks an amazon prime and the problem is that they don't at the same time they don't wanna leave the revenue that they have always gotten and so get to some extent from the legacy media i e the cable bundle and so they know they're doing screwy things like they're saying well we know e s pay espn's and decline we know that we need to stream it but we're not gonna put anything on the streaming app that's on television.

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