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George children's ranch I know you miss your dad or granddad it was Jana as I said if you want to store yesterday so bring that is looking down he's so proud of housing and urban development secretary Ben Carson hinting in an interview with us CNN on Sunday and also a senior administration official said that the White House is considering a plan for president trump to address the nation this week on race and national unity of the trump administration opposes a democratic proposal to extend that six hundred dollar per week federal unemployment benefit approved in response to the pandemic labor secretary Eugene Scalia says the six hundred dollars has served its purpose but is no longer needed as the country begins to recover now that payment is in addition to normal unemployment benefits and has helped millions of workers stay in their homes and pay bills the additional benefit is slated to end July thirty first but Democrats want the extra benefit to continue through January the Senate has confirmed general Charles brown junior as a chief of the Air Force he's the first black officer to lead one of the nation's military services vice president Mike pence taking the rare step of presiding over Tuesday's vote nomination general Charles Q. brown junior to be chief of staff in general the United States Air Force under the previous order the question occurs on the nomination is there a sufficient second it appears there is a sufficient second the clerk will call the roll Mr Alexander is Baldwin Mr morass.

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