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Edition of the line nature book lane and the one and only jessica alba welcome back to the john keeney said that he day or is that just a episode number full no fat nutrients wore off if you you're going to still introduce me that way no kgb tillich can't go with uh uh i like that john speaking of our yet look the three big day it has obtained i'll say when i when i was doing part of which is a little bit lighter than yours when put that out there uh bags of this sort of story to break you know lay on the hills of us coming on the day in its saw man it's it's this heartening to say the least it is it's a it's disheartening it's disgusting it's why and it is expected what we have owners if you guys were you heard about it but the washington post hata put out an article earlier today and the headline i'll just give you the headline straight woman says roy initiate neil encounter when she was fourteen he was thirty two naked initial droughts when you foresee that hemline what what was the first said when you saw it michael von epa same tom disgusting right now it's one thing to have a political raise new nato 'cause it but i think it's completely different water throwing sexual allegations my reaction was the same ah i said well where you've been time it's the typical playbook of the left the one we all seen we've pretty read the playbook to you guys and oz same thing over and over and over again now the left decided to get creative with their their neigbours ations of sexual improprieties.

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