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Tonight, it's all the action is because all the rain and snow and action packed, and that's all the way from San Diego Santa Barbara and San Francisco where a lot of good buddies hanging out and stuff, and that's right on the coast there Portland in through Seattle. And now it's heading more and more eastward, Montana's getting lots of snow tonight, Wyoming, lots of snow Colorado now, lots of snow down in Arizona's still all rain and thunderstorms Vegas is getting the rain. However, the upper part around Reno's snow Utah Salt Lake City man, they got the whole combo going on. So let's say maybe. A little bit of a light show now down in Texas right now, let's take the reins isolated around Houston. But some of the showers has moved into Louisiana. Not quite over to the big easy yet. The badlands at the time being or okay, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Still good illinois's. Good, missouri. Arkansas Oklahoma, Kansas everything will say okay there. However looks like all of that rain starting to expand their Georgia's, of course, Super Bowls on tap later. On today. Atlanta right now is clear, but ler part, George Zeph. We got a lot of action going on there. Tallahassee. Still got rain Jacksonville beach and other northern parts of Florida. Rain Carolina's getting a little bit of action now north the North Carolina mainly in Washington DC, New York, New York, Boston mass Syracuse buffalo, Pittsburgh, PA high and dry right now. Anything the severe weather map Ochsner California under a tornado warning. Oh,.

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