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The bug this bummed me out you remember the great san diego rock and roll movie almost famous. Can you watch a yummy. Do not well. Well we'll see how You remember the lead rockstar russell. I'm a golden god. He's standing on the roof his blown off the kid for interviews left and arrived at the towards the end of the movie. The kid finally gets historian and russell tells rolling stone. None of that's true. that's right. And they blow up his whole story and everything was a waste of time and dick's over penny lane and you know the whole thing. Yeah he's a jerk. That's based on in real life based on a real life guy. No glenn fried green. Oh come on. Don't tell me glum private dick. I don't wanna know that he was a dead. Here's a total deck. And there was no. He didn't redeem himself at the end just because he ran over to what's her. Name's fargo woman and frances mcdormand. The woman wins kademi award every year. Every goes to their house. He gets tricked into going to their house and she gives them an earphone. Yeah and you grow up you wrestle to grow up in a blanket adult you russell supposed glenn fry interesting bombed did we. We had glenn fry on the show. Yeah saying show tunes members singing old standards for awhile and he was a very good yes he was. He was totally cool. And we're talking about the grammys. I think they won a grammy award at the grammys that night because they were too cool for the grammy's they were all home doing low instead. He said something to that effect. I forget what it was but hey speaking of cool. Chris boyer start declared any milk drinker as unbeatable really dug attack on doubt. Dave chris boy rules out any milk drinker as dateable. Okay we likewise rule him out as dateable signed anyone. Who's ever drank. Milk seeing milkin spell milk or seeing a cow upset. The note drinkers well. They're really just a small minded children when it comes right down to it. Why is that. If you're going to drink a child's beverage continues to stunt your growth and keep you in an infantilized state arrived faucher. I just noticed the playback speed option with a web browser version of the dnc on demand. Yeah you can listen to our show anything we've done this go to one. Kgb dot com. There they all are anywhere in the world. You can listen to him a couple hours after we're done or days weeks months after we're done catch up anytime you want and This carl says he just discovered that on the web browser version. Because you can do it either on the web or you can do it on the iheart. It's free no matter what but if you do it on the web browser version. There's a speed option. If you play at the half speed you guys sound drunk. It's even funnier..

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