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Didn't happen so now we're all not sure if it ever will shoulda coulda woulda. The west keeps growing and getting even more competitive right. Let's go to the other side hawks bucks. This was the quick question legs. And if you wanna go if you want to wax poetic on this now you can should both stars be unavailable. So we're out trae we're out jaanus. Who like and this is such a top. When i got asked this question last night. I honestly i don't hedge ever it's coin. Toss to me. And i would probably give the edge to the bucks because they'd have home court. It's at that point. Two out of three two stars are taken out of the equation and two of those games are going to be in milwaukee. I would favor the bucks ethic. Atlanta has a little bit more deck. I think they've got more athleticism but without trae young out there. I don't know exactly who you could pencil in. Certain numbers for the atlanta hawks. Can you say for a fact that bogdonovich is going to give you twenty to twenty five. Can you say that about gala. Nari or lou williams or john collins. I don't think you can on the other hand. I think you can pencil in twenty five to thirty points for chris. Middleton i think holiday is a guy that is going to be north of twenty i. I'm pretty certain about that. I am not as certain about the atlanta hawks. So yes there deeper the more athletic. But there's a lot of inconsistency there with their offense that would make me say. I feel a little bit safer laying money on the bucks in that situation. If you're honest with trae young don't make another appearance leg. Let me make it too. Simple about money. If you've paid one player one hundred sixty million another player. One hundred seventy seven and a half million. I keep going back to it. Isn't it fair to say it would be a disappointment them for the bucks if they can't with two people they paid so much. Beat a depleted hawks team. In this scenario oh no question about it. That's a different question. Yes absolutely regardless regardless of whether janas plays or not if. You've got a depleted hawks team. But first of all a hawks team that came from nowhere virtually as the season. We're on the minute. Coaching change in the middle of the year and they find themselves in the conference finals. Two wins away from the finals. Think about that. If you've got the sixers taken out for you if you've got the brooklyn nets decimated by injuries and you had to go seven games to eliminate them and now you get a hawks team that is depleted notes. A young. Potentially even a guy like the andre hunter is not available. Who's a starter for them cameras. Just making his way back into the lineup. And regardless whether you be honest or not you need to get through this series and get to the finals and hope hey at some point here. We'll get jaanus back and if that's the case a lot of people would favor the bucks. In that scenario. I just think phoenix has been so impressive and so consistent i would probably still take them. But you're absolutely right. There is no excuses here. They need to get through this team. Particularly of trae young mrs another game or to the box have to close this out. I just want you to know legs. That i've let multiple bosses around here know that i would love to share basketball space with you and talk all of these things through because you're so fantastic added and it's just very impressive. Now stay with this series players. Cool coin toss. Let's go to the guys that are calling the strings on sideline. Which one of these coaches do you give the advantage again. Should we be in a world without the band leaders. You know it's going to. It's going to sound crazy. Because i don't think the milwaukee bucks obviously better team without yatta south of the coupon but here's what i will say. The one doubt. I've had about my boot noser. And he's one of the smartest guys in the game. I always questioned whether or not. He's going to fall into the trap layton games of giving the body on us that the coupon in isolation situation and he's going to get himself in trouble and it's that trap of we have a two time. Mvp this is kind of how team settle things in this league in a one possession game you give it to your best player particularly when he's an mvp and let him go and that's a terrible way for them to decide gate by taking him out of the equation potentially it's actually going to go through middleton or holiday now late that's their best scenario so they want doubt i have about good holzer. I take it off the table. If you're honest doesn't play so that's going to actually help. Good noser in those situations. But i'm going to say overall nate mcmillan. I've always been a nate mcmillan fan. I bet a fan of his as a player as a coach. I love his demeanor. I love his toughness. I love the fact that he gets into guys during time outs. He's not afraid to coach talent by being hard on guys and making them accountable in the moment. A lot of coaches. Don't wanna do that. Nate mills not afraid of that. And these guys obviously respective so. I think actually. I'm going to give the edge to nate mcmillan and i think nate mcmillan has more buttons to push. Because of what. I said earlier. There's no guaranteed twenty. Come in with the rest of these guys. Outside of your. What is he going to push to make that happen. And i a lot of respect for what he's done with this team. And i think me bill and has the edge their legs. You're the best my friend. We really appreciate your joining us. And when you guys have that conversation is just let me be in the room so much. Goodness legs be saved my friend. Thanks for hanging over to it. Thank you all right. We'll continue to get you updated on the game. But one thing that fires everybody up is the word overrated and was about to say that about one of the premier nfl franchises. 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