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This party into the future do they start to to assess their options at this stage alright thanks for that Katie I would I would wager they were except starting to assess their options two weeks ago but that's just me Cory let's let's get your assessment so he's games he's gained ten well eleven seats as of now leading an elected from what they had in twenty fifteen what was going on how would how would the conservatives respond to that well I think we want to see what happens with the rest of the the the evening before we jump to a deep into those waters but you know I I I will I will say this that you know for for minority parliament situations which were talk but I very much agree with other things a primer ray said about how that doesn't matter but I would add to I would add to that that this may be a very stable minority government even if it is a minority government because I think and if you're gonna be broke yes they will I think already are I think the block will have no real incentive to go back to the polls ends you know we'll see how the rest of the night on faults but so you can have multiple parties in leadership contests whether you know whether it's you can service or whether it's the Green Party or you know what what may come to pass it could be a very stable minority government for quite some time as a result of that okay so let's see where the numbers and out before we start determining what happens to and for sure and whether the Conservative Party wants to give me another kick at the can or not but let me give you some good news for the leader of the bloc Quebecois right now we can confirm that youth council bluffs sets are has been elected in the riding of fellows Sean busy the member he was previously on MNAs away provincial representative in the National Assembly into back in two thousand and eight and two thousand twelve this is his first foray into how to roll politics I mean have it would seem largely rebuilt the bloc Quebecois from where it was when it was wiped out in twenty eleven in large part anyway by the NDP where they had no official party status back in twenty eleven she's just set the leader at the time also lost so this is a a big return for the bloc Quebecois tonight largely due to the leader is false what but all set who can claim a victory here let's go to Montreal and the block headquarters where Allison Northcott is that there was some reaction Alison.

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