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The? Pandemic has meant no twenty twenty tour, but you can still hear his and Michael Messerschmidt's. From the comfort of your own confinement, their album called the monkeys live Mike, and Mickey show was taped last year and is available on itunes and spotify. Their sound and the love from the audience is as strong as ever, but starting from just playing a band member on TV, it took Dolan's time and hard work to build up his skills I had about a year, and I studied very very hard, and I practice very very hard. It was rock and roll just four four time for the most part we rehearsed diligently. A David Winters speaking of west side story was the director of our first state show. And all of a sudden one day. They said your first GIG is Hawaii. Because it bombed. It's no one would know many miles off the coast of the United States no Internet. Berry nuclear waste yes S. was US nuclear. Good name for group. Turns out. We did pretty good. There's a live in sixty seven. CD, which was not recorded. To be a record. It was some I think. The sound guy was just holding microphone up in the air to captured, but it's not bad. There's only three of us playing you know is Mike Peter Nye Davey, just doing percussion enforceable? But it was a trio was a power trio, and Peter would play the right hand. He would play keyboard melody and on left. He play Keyboard Bass. Mike Muth always put it like. When we went on the road, it was like Pinocchio became a real little boy. and. There's a lot of truth in that. And how'd you feel back then where you happy? How do they feel? Were they happy with? The event or the monkees couldn't tell I I don't want to speak for Thrim. Might Nasmyth I know and it's well recorded. He wanted to play and sing a lot more. He'd been brought into the. Situation had no idea what series was all about this? He said I want to sing in play and rotten songs. And he did not have a chance to do that initially eventually. And that's when we had the palace coup prompted by him. What Year did that happen? I was sixty seven. I want to say around the time of the live show in Hawaii. Just after we had a palace coup mainly because Mike said we can do this. Pinocchio can become a little boy. He was frustrated and I. Don't blame him. How'd you feel I didn't care one way or the other? I was having a great time and I loved singing. It ended up that I was I think I ended up doing the most of the lead vocals kind of by default. Mike had a very does still has a very wonderful country western. Must has some one. De I love that Song have a beautiful. Yeah. We do that in our show, he and I. Peter. Could play like. Seven instruments David Gray singer, but definitely the crooner Broadway. Kind of Tony Newly. Yet I read somewhere where they had decided the powers that be that your voice was more. The I was the only one that could go. Oh. You're really good at this. So you have the coup, you get Kirschner. You're doing your own thing. Yeah, does everybody sensed that? It's better and everybody's happy. Eventually they do well I can only speak. For Myself. Yeah. During that period I had I guess you'd call it an awakening or something because up until that point we had I'd been ensconced on the set from seven o'clock on the morning of makeup until eleven o'clock at night where I would be brought into in arsia studios. To record two or three lead vocals a night because they wanted so much material show during the record at night, guy had to say needed so much material because they wanted to new songs for every episode. And so Boyce and Hart and Carole King and an all these people are pumping out massive amounts of material and Carol come over to my house. I'd go over to Diane Hildebrand or or Boyce and hard, and and to routine the stuff, and then go on studio, and just blow it out eleven ten eleven o'clock at night, and that went on for months because they needed so much material. This material that is still in the can that we have not released. We released an album two years ago. Called Good Times. One of the songs me and Magdalena written by Ben Gilbert from death cap acuity. Is Number Seventy six. On the billboard, hot, one hundred for the entire decade on this album called good times very proud of that, so anyway I'm in the studio. Or on the set. Basically twenty four seven, but I'm only twenty one years old so. I'm just taking it for what it is. I mean I was had been brought up to be A. Actor entertainer and you show up at seven for your makeup Maurel. Call and you do your job and you got who sold Judy Garland. Thing now. Let me ask you that meaning. You're twenty years old and you're grinding this out. What was your life like? Did you have a life? Oh absolute meeting had a wonderful right I, actually had a wonderful again I was used to it. I had a lot of this series when I was ten so I well knew what I was getting into. It was almost like home for me. Because when you're ten twelve thirteen years old in your. In those are very formative years, and I was on the set with my mom and a bunch of smell electricians. And so I went back to high school, and that was abnormal for me I was like fish out of water until I got the monkeys, which is only a few years later when I went to the. Interview for the monkees. At screen gems. The same guy was on the gate that had been there when I was ten years old circus play only ten years later. This was home to me. I breathed a sigh of Relief Being on a set. You're comfortable there Oh. Yeah big time. Because before that I was on my father set. When he was doing movies for. Howard US I didn't have to adapt. Sell into it and win and win. The show ends zero thought for you to say I'm done with music though I don't want to go back to acting or no. Were you now in your soul a musician? No, I was up for the FAWNS. And it was between me and Henry. Winkler I. Don't know if he's ever told you the story. Was a mid season replacement just after the monkees and I was up Burton.

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