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Spread that message and when you look at your family when you look at your mate when you look at your when you look at your workplace today, and you think about the people that you're gonNA come in contact with today. The question I ask every day I ask a few questions at the end of the night, and which remind me the first thing in the morning of what do I need to be thinking about? And that's who I meet. Who I could meet along the way I literally look at my schedule I, grabbed my ipad every morning and I know who I'm going. meet an I and the next question I ask is. How can I add value to them? Yes, yes, how can I how can I make a difference in that person's like, and it could be something small like bring them their favor coffee, or give them a note that says hey, you don't keep going or find a book that they love or invite them to lunch that day, and even if that lunches Burger King Ninety nine cent menu, whatever like do something do something that shows them that they matter. I just read a I read a post this morning about a dear friend of mine who had lost a friend to suicide. And the world is bleeding out there bleeding out. Because, they don't know how to live life rich. and. We see stuff on instagram and we see stuff on facebook. We see these images of perfect people and we don't have that life we go. Oh Crap! That's not the and so. My Life doesn't matter you matter you matter if you're listening to this show today, it is not by accident that you found John. It is not by accident that John is speaking to you. It is not by accident. And I believe that that that things aren't coincidence I believe that nothing nothing nothing just happens so the people you come in contact with today. That was predestined. That was a time when you have an opportunity, so who I see, how will I serve them? And what did I learn from them? So every person that I meet along the way throughout my day I'm asking the question. What can I learn? Yes, how can I be better from that interaction with them absolutely? Well, listeners. I don't know what to tell you, but we still got more to cover, but we could stop right now, and we'd be digging through this for weeks on end. Just I know for me on my own personal level everything. That's Marissa's shared so far. I'm just..

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