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For whoever is the way finds behaved wherever the way players behave dive in. And i'm not blaming Diving on one celebration is a problem. But i don radio i hate it. Because he's chasing. I've kind of accepted that as is just just means now defenders have to be smarter than they ever have have been and you only have to look at the euro two thousand twenty semi fun chapel free weeks ago and we go into the final because one of our players dived. He flops in your towns. Do i care not because we won. Says let's be honest. Owed much of a him. Jay win then lose and not. She is like if you're not cheating you're not trying hard enough like who would be would rather be bill bill check and always have always rings or play the game the right way nance i as annoying and i can see why people who are needs to sport wouldn't like it but it's even happening in the nba eighties as you're gonna have to look at old. It's over there in that now. So i'm hearing you say there's a difference between english football and the rest of europe with the mainland. Right is is there is no longer the case or was that is that historically. They were too similar now. It's pretty similar now but it was different. But it's i think. England had to kind of raise the game a little bit to the european level where you can argue. They english of the reason why people on happy with football in general now right now is because or the the money or love. The money that comes into the game we'll sheep amounts. He's generated from english football because he is the most lucrative league in the in the world and some people are arguing the spoiling the spot. So there's no. There's no way the english football you can save is innocent and it's like as now there's a lot of things wrong with english football but there's also things it as areas of football leagues are there differences between premier league and mls. You know soccer that we would see as compared to what you're watching. The mls is what we call the farmer's league so i'm surprised they're giving it that much credit. I'm trying to think of an equivalent. I wonder what you got. Four of the xfl. That's basically like what we see the analysis and that's not that's not a bad thing is still a relatively new project and the boys growing and i've i think america is onto something football because you have enough people. You have the money and you certainly have. The athletes americans soccer can grow and potentially become like a big player on the world stage. But right now he's a of believe them and this has a salary cap as well. Which i really like but it will always hinder. How well we can do in terms of attracting is like at the moment you do get big players but you tend to get them in the twilight of their career by david. Beckham wants to go to our later is retirement or it was at ninety cars to the molested do similar things at one day. I'm ns will be big but right now it's too hard for them to compete with Teams countinent right now. Joe montana marcus come into kansas city. Basically yeah yeah basically. Yeah we we've got to be careful orally. Because i think from memory i think hasn't america beaten england in the world. Cup is from point. Nine hundred fifty eight. It was a group game. This was a group game as well. It was recent communality. Now you're talking about sorry sorts of at two thousand and ten england is you're sayin' robot grain greenspan the ball for his legs in the world. But you have good. You have good. You've got the best women's team in the world. I mean american women's sucky i. It's funny how that works right like we have a great women's team but can't even get a men's team to even compete on any sort of level with any of the and i guess maybe you know i hope this doesn't sound sexist but maybe i guess it's just because there's more sports for males to play i guess and women and women's sports are soccer is kind kinda that main women's sports here. It seems like basketball gotten a little more popular. Hey i i wanna say one thing. Though i think one of the things i like about european soccer and i've just honestly kinda learn more about i never really knew about it growing up but the relegation part of it. You know how you guys do. Have the premier league and the champions league and how you know if you don't do good enough you you go down the list and in our league anymore. And i've always thought that that'd be kind of interesting to see and and you know at at the nfl level or no college. Football's kinda thought about. Maybe doing it. I don't know what do you guys think about Relegation in general and then just like if it could be applied to to the other sports like the i mean even the nfl. I mean what do you guys think about that. I love it. I think he's he makes the season worthwhile and like in the nfl you either. I know let's be honest if you know winning you will you must for the number one pick like aids is the way this boy in fobel across all of football. You just can't do that. You can't rest in yukon guy freedom options you have something to play for and obviously there's massive financial implications when you do get renegade. Think if you get relegate now you you cost you.

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