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Is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update House speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are closing in on a deal the past President Biden's economic agenda the California Democrats spoke with the president on Friday and said she's very optimistic about the democratic push on Biden's two big agenda items One is a social spending plan that's been caught up in an ongoing fight between moderates and progressives Democrats hope an agreement on that Bill would lead to the passage of a bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure Bill The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a challenge to the Texas abortion law and will hear oral arguments November 1st The court's conservative majority did not put the controversial new law on hold so it can continue to be implemented in Texas liberal justice Sonia Sotomayor released a dissenting statement saying the law should be temporarily blocked She argued the women of Texas are being deprived of a long-standing constitutional right An investigation is underway after a prop firearm discharge by Alec Baldwin killed one crew member and injured another on a film set in Santa Fe New Mexico Hollywood weapons expert Larry zanoff says strict measures are supposed to be in place to prevent such a tragedy But questions that I would always ask is were the safety guidelines of our industry followed Blanks are not designed to do what the final outcome of this was The local county sheriff's office says the prop gun went off Thursday on the set of the western titled rust at bonanza creek ranch Baldwin was reportedly told the gun was safe before firing it the director of photography 42 year old Helena Hutchins was killed director Joel soussa was also shot and taken to the hospital He has since been released Authorities filed no charges after they questioned Baldwin production of the film has been shut down The American Film Institute is setting up a scholarship for women cinematographers following the deaths of Hutchins reportedly the institute is accepting donations for the scholarship fund that aims to help female cinematographers build sustainable careers in the movie business Supply chain issues are leading to a nationwide drug shortage the American medical association calls it an urgent public health crisis that threatens patient care and safety The FDA is listing 115 drugs in short supply nationally three of the top drugs that are getting scarce are used.

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