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It looks like Ben missed an early on what an early open read in the end zone. And then obviously as the plane matriculated the Ravens good job covering that up. And you just have to throw it so he does off his back foot because it's fourth down. You got it just right in the end zone. Hope for something good. It got picked off. So the Ravens took over and and obviously you're not going for three points there because you're saying to yourself. There's no way RG three and the Ravens gonna go 99 yards and then stick it touchdown that are stiff stuffer. Touchdown that our throats here, So that was the right call. Obviously, it didn't work. They walk away pointless. RG three in the Ravens. Take the ball. And then on third and four from their own 12 r G three made a throw that basically reinforces the notion that he is a little rusty. Shall we say he has not played in a while. That was a red, This is Medic. Six. This has been an ugly start to this game three and out for to start for both teams, and then the Steelers. Get on the the Ravens, Get the ball back and fumble. Zone read because RG three hasn't done it in a real game and forever. It seems like I'll see the Steelers go down the scenario that BT just played out been rocks. Look at those in an interception. RG three is now back in the game to throw on third down. He doesn't read. Ah, zone coverages, basically. Joe Hayden sitting in the flat because there's no responsibility for him in the flat, So he breaks on the inside route takes to the House Steelers are up six. Nothing because they missed the extra boy is kind of sloppy. You know the river God is with you and to be in I'm not surprised that it's sloppy BT because of all that's going on in these teams steals, at least have practiced. The Ravens haven't practiced legitimately and 12 days and RG three hasn't seen the practice field with live action, You know, not just the walk through and you know, go through the motions, type of practice, but like in live action. No really long time with the starting unit, So if this is going to be an ugly game, I think not not a very enviable position to be in. There's no doubt there's rust, and there's there's just all sort. I mean, listen, you're missing players. So there was no you're missing players, including the people Forget that part. So you not only missing players, but the players that you have haven't really been able to practice. So I mean, of course, it's gonna be rusty. Here. The spread was 10 for a reason. You know, Next time you're gonna get to Doug Peterson and the Eagles and the kind of a continuation of the conversation that Tiki and I had yesterday Peterson interesting sound which will play for you next segment, basically saying he has not received assurances that he'll finish the season s O will really try to get a sense of how hot that seat is and and and react to what he said. Well, let's get the John horrible. I mean, listen. John Harbaugh is a great coach. He is a Super Bowl winning coach. He has been there for 13 years, he said now last year, by the way, it was 14 and two On. There were some rumblings before the year before that, Well, you know, after a five and 11 season about five years ago, when that a Nate Nate sees and then a nine and seven season Well, you know, the Flacco's tip was getting kind of old and maybe the message was diluted. What I find it. And by no means am I saying that he that he should not be the coach there? I love the guy, But I wondered because I've heard a lot of people say, And you've said this that after about a decade or so the message is diluted. And it could be time for a new voice. This is year 13. So why would that not apply to John? Horrible Because, see, I don't think that's the issue with with John Hardball here in Baltimore because he's to me he's one of those coaches that Um, that doesn't necessarily apply to and the same thing to be said to Sean Payton obviously mail ballot ticket for this and that ends in that category as well. Mike Tomlin's in that category also, but John Hardball falls in it. For this reason, TT's because he's he's adaptable. You know what I mean? It's not like he's so rigid and what he's trying to do that he can't like, change and adapt to what his how his new players. You know, uh, you know what whoever's new on their team, And so I think there's a there's a difference. I think it also would saves him is that he's consistently had good defense is, you know, I mean, it's not like it's in teams that have good defense is tend to keep their coaches for a long time. Think of the Steelers for all those years? Yes, they had a couple of years in the last few where Defense was transitioning as they were trying to find the right players. But the Ravens of that way, still stay with Pete Carroll and Pete Carroll with Seattle and Belle Belle a check. I mean, it's really always been about defense from Bella check, even though we laud Tom Brady. And in some of his successes, and so, um, I think the issue now, though, and why this conversation comes up is because we haven't seen the growth year over year and it's only been Two years or three years. Really, If you count his work E season for Lamar Jackson, we haven't seen the progression offensively, right? You have this tantalizingly good and explosive. Young quarterback who wins e M V..

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