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Sports. Okay. Kirk Kirk you go I in rugby two teams, of course, compete against each other. How many players from a team or on the field at the start of the game? Mike. Seven. You're both wrong. The answer is fifteen but Kirke were closer than the Mike was. We have two categories left anatomy, and where the Kirk you're still in charge, which one do you want? Try weather weather. Okay. Might make sure you listen Kirk. According to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the continental United States occurred in one thousand nine hundred eighty four in what state? I would probably say. Laughter. Last guy said in the continental United States. Oh. Nain, mike. What do you think? Montana. Mike. Right now. You got it. Right. All right. Okay. We have one category left. It's anatomy. Are you ready? Mike..

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