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That would have provided affordable housing deliberately set fires by violent protesters against the police custody death of George Floyd a black man held to the ground by a white police officer kneeling on the back of his neck unrest build over into neighboring St Paul mayor Melvin Carter calling on the people of his city to use their anger for good our demand has to be that we take this energy and channel it towards helping prevent something like that from ever happening again state and federal investigations are under way the four officers involved in Floyd's arrest have been fired at least one could face murder charges Hennepin county attorney Mike Freeman says his office will not make the mistakes made by Baltimore prosecutors in the Freddie gray case there was a rush to charge it was a rush to justice and all of those people were found not guilty I will not rush to justice I'm going to do this right there have been mostly peaceful protests in other cities including New York president trump signed an executive order calling on federal regulators to curb liability protections for social media companies the president wasn't happy when Twitter put a fact check tag on two of his tweets Facebook's mark Zuckerberg tells CNBC he takes issue with that I don't think that Facebook or or internet platforms in general should be arbiters of truth I think that's a kind of a dangerous line to get down to house speaker Nancy Pelosi calls an outrageous situation while Twitter is putting up there fact check it under what the president says about voting they still won't take off the misrepresentations the president is putting out there this is a P. news how union that represents meatpacking workers has more than forty workers have died from the corona virus the United food and commercial workers union says at least forty four meatpacking workers in the United States have died from cold at nineteen while the union estimates another three thousand workers have tested positive for the virus its director of food processing and meat packing says the actual numbers are likely higher than the estimate the union says thirty meat packing plants were closed at some point due to infections since March the U. F. C. W. was the largest union representing meatpacking workers in the US hi Mike Rossi up a man who was shot as he threatened New York City police last month with a knife in an antique gun died of the corona virus five days after he was wounded on April first Ricardo Cardona called nine one one to drop police and then threatened the arriving officers he later told investigators he wanted to die because he had recently tested positive.

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