Adrian Mariappa on George Floyd protests



Nunez spoke to Adrian Mariappan. They covered a number of topics in today's interview, including the protesters. We've seen around the well off the tragic death of George Ploy. What you make of the that now, the football world we've seen Jadon Sancho. Weston mckennie. Bundesliga primarily players here on clubs actively taking a stance against a delight now there's some more togetherness in this battle. feel that they're still a long way to go. See! A lot more unity in his. and. tonight we've. In the UK, although when is not the state? You see how U K, people haven't how standing up together. With everyone in the site SCO protest processes in England in London. All across internationally. And other places in Europe as well. And I think it's a log. Why did she in? There are a lot of. Similarities! You'd K. that Mira the states unless y you know within. The Tragic Medal of Jewish slow come out in muncie video jobs. Hush feel it is a black person you. You incidents that you've had in your life and. It comes back to you in Husky non income. Now's that now is the time to come together. And fight together. Full 'cause. Stuff my told me growing up. You don't have to what's wise. It's hard. Not to get to the same place as you're white, you, you're white. Friends is conversation I'm having with my kids now. One. For, them and I want it to be a level playing for the one that have the same shoe is growing up. To be rewarded for the hardware, and the only way that is gonNA is GonNa Happen as Glatt shot unity in coming together. Nothing these brilliant. That of not plays in sports, people and celebrities just everyone just coming together I a coming together. I know it finally. Just one of the things that was pointed out was at least now. Something that's different. Is People see more white people actively speaking out about this or finally guessing comfortable enough to speak out about this and actually join the fight. Is that something that you think was missing and that we probably need more of. The show. On that maybe is uncomfortable. I is uncomfortable to have conversations up conversations. That needs to be out because. You know this is a baby reality. Slow flappy largely while. The the daily injustices that you fight against, and it needs now backing by everyone so may be uncomfortable. You may not want to speak out by. there's always something you can so long as willing to take action. On support. For.

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