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But I don't think that's like any differ from the a grocery store style birthday cake for kids easier. It sounds. So high marks for Cap'n crunch cotton, candy, or is it to sort of as advertised going in, if you like it or not? Yeah, pretty high marks it's something that kind of weird on me after a while, because it is super, super sweet and its very nuance in specific flavor that isn't really the everyday kind of cereal. If you're just waking up at maybe for a m to get a glass of water and decide to have a bowl of cereal to while you're at it, I don't think you would go this one. That's a good ball. That's a good ball. If you've ever had that ball, I would try that ball. That is a very good area. The skip on the cotton candy or else. It'll probably make your teeth reverberate into your dreams. Yeah. I spoke very briefly on this aerial this last last episode. But you finally tried to both of the drumstick cereal varieties. I did two giant boxes of them. They come in. Only boxes, of course, giants has to have family size box. So it comes into flavors, which is classic vanilla. And then mint chocolate. And both of them have the sort of same serial composition, which is pretty much golden grand pieces that they call cone pieces pretty much cold. Yeah. Pretty much cocoa puffs that they call CoCo nuggets, which tried, I don't even think it was necessary. And then there's finally these little disks that are basically, like cookie crisp without the chips and the classic of nila one. Just has ice cream flavored discs, which really don't they don't taste like anything. They're kind of just filler in that sense. Well as the mint chocolate ones have the actual sort of pesto, Nickelodeon slime green ones that do tastes like sweet men that I really Doug. So I think I was a little disappointed, just because this is pretty much mixing different cereals together, and with the, the classic vanilla, especially at his feel like there's so many better cereals, that do the, the chocolate and vanilla mix better than that. So the mint chocolate on the other hand, now that the thin mints cereal is gone is pretty much the only way for you to get mint chocolate and your cereal. And while I think that thin mints it better by having a much thicker, powdery coating this one still gets the job done, and it's got a more diverse mouth feel in the sense if that's what you're into. I tried vanilla because my daughter's not big into mint. And I you know, I just it really is hard to shake that feeling of, you know, we talk a lot about cereals, just kind of a little lazy. I feel like in recent years, you know, not a lot of innovation in like peace texture etcetera, m I think the drumstick cereal doesn't really wanted something that, that would feel a little bit more like ice cream. I would say a better variant of this idea is probably the I cook a pups the ice cream parlor, ice cream scoop all the Neo. Yeah. The Neopolitan ones not my favorites here on earth. But had I feel like a little bit more. The, the ice cream flavor. The the there's a creamy nece that you need beyond the vanilla feel. There's a layer creaming. That you need to get the ice cream flavour across, and I just don't feel like either these did the job. Yeah. Personally, I think the cold stone creamery in multiple meal. Crossovers are still my favorite take on ice cream cereals, the Australian strawberry blonde, especially even though they only brought marshmallows to the mix, and I really don't wanna support the further marshmallow fixation of every single cereal..

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