BMW, Toyota Sequoia, Three Years discussed on The Brad Jenkins Show


For a bankruptcy oh okay so how do you fix that problem you simply don't max out your cards anymore said you suggest that you just pay them down you or do you suggest that i pay them off completely and here's the scoop you know the donald duck a doll you hit my buzzword again i'm standing up on my chair that was because i know you're anti baited me great idea so anyway guys we're going crazy today but you know i'm just an average guy like everybody else did i drive a two thousand and one toyota sequoia the other day the guys on the radio station were teasing me i bet he's got a bmw and the in the yard i go no now i don't have one car to two thousand one toyota sequoia got he'll dense all over it you know and if you're gonna laugh at me but every three years i upgrade one model year so in the next six months i can graduate to two thousand and two toyota sequoia and pretty soon i'm going to have a really nice car somehow i don't think you're ever going to catch you know i was telling my wife the other day i just look forward to the day i have a car that's actually got a backup camera in it.

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