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Elif, was at secret police organizations were inconsistent with. Emigrant Ideals, democracy swigs constitutional. Governance. And that it would roll and that they would end up enveloping at and a subverting democracy you know Americans autopsy thought of the. Thought of the KGB thought of that gets. Up. And they said and there were debates of Congress on when we were originally. As A. And both Republicans and Democrats said, this is not something that you should bid. When they? An exclusively an espionage. In I. M Men intelligence at in any interfering. And so then Allen was you know of manipulated law. And a lot of backroom deals to get these huge secret vijit's and began really engaging in. All of the Mesh of and my grandfather was on a commission that looked at as an saw what they had on. Our they were overthrowing democracies. Iran and all of the. and. He said we should analysts we should remove the. Plans. which was dirty tricks division from espionage. And Allen is never forgave him my family that. Came in the Bay of Pigs well, then I. Still I always believe that even from when I was a little bit when President Johnson came into the room and East Room of the White House. I was anti. When he said my father. At. Harvey. Guilt by Jack Ruby. Don't my father and Jackie. I said to my other. He loves Jack. Ruby. Love our family. And nobody answered that question. Later, my father did his on research and found out is connected mob to the CIA and these others initially wants to see I kill this other. I always leave the at. An. Idiot not to believe. What he congressional investigations and eighty. Which is present A. Conspiracy. On an I never believed that about I'd add I just laid Zirhan evidence against him was of well-maintained and he. The. Crime was evidence found in Rome. and. Employees Schrader who is one of my dad's best friend is antic beside my father when he was on and took a bullet to his head time he took versus or. And he said to me your father was a certain. And I need you. Talk to report and look at this evidence and as a favorite kind I want to do that. In one, get into all the conspiracy. Doesn't favor to fall because he was such a hero. My Dad to Cesar Chavez he was the number two guy at a united auto workers. Just, a stall or a friend of our families. House L. Outside of La and I sat down for a couple of days I went through the autopsy report on all this other are the end of the it was cleared in that Saran. Could not have dual my father. My father was killed by or shots that were fired from behind him. Sir Hand fired two shots as Roma's hit willing never got behind. My father was always thank him. He was six ten feet away. and Sir hand fired two shots..

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