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In Day one of qualifying at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway earlier today to 31.251 miles per hour. That means he will be ninth. In the top nine tomorrow when they go out to qualify for the pole. Ninth place is equal to me, right? So, um, what did I think? The one? I'm not sure about that, so, but it made me feel good and Amy feels we could replicate tomorrow and find a little bit that we can let his teammates from. Andretti Autosport Ryan Hunter Ray Alexander Rossi. James Hinchcliffe, 2nd 3rd 4th In the speed charts today, the rest of the fast nine that will qualify again tomorrow. Scott Dixon, rookies Rina's v. K and Alex below Graham, Ray Hall and Takuma Sado. Rayna's V K the only Chevrolet of those nine the other eight are all Hondas again. Those fast nine from today will qualify again tomorrow afternoon. 1 30 And going for the pole for next week's Indianapolis 500 NASCAR Cup guys getting ready for tomorrow on the Daytona Road course again the big news today. Austin Dillon will not race. Because he has tested positive for the Corona virus. So CASS Gralla, he's a truck driver. Sometimes in the Xfinity Siri's he will replace Austin Dylan in the number three car Tomorrow afternoon. The NASCAR Xfinity Siri's was on the Daytona Road course today, Lots of Rex. But in the end Austin Cindric Is able to capitalize and pick up the check and flag. He has now won five of the last six expended erase suits but network Indiana sports. I'm Rod coming. Joe stays naked back where this on Indiana sportstalk talking about the Colts and so fried countdown continues. It's hard to kind of get a gauge right now, but seems to be a lot of optimism coming out of Colts Campas practice continues on the west side of Indianapolis, Jo Everything.

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