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As they get older. It's more of them reading to themselves. But it's mostly me reading to them. So i can can pronounce the big words but also the books that we tend to enjoy the most that i enjoy reading the most and they seem to be the most receptive to are the ones that rhyme so. I did want to have that kind of make accessible for kids not make it kind of a shorter read and that's something that none of the other books that i saw did was was kind of right in verse so i wanted to have that aspect of it to be accessible similarly with the pictures drawings. I wanted them to be kind of lighthearted in a way as much as a serious subject matter but to make it accessible for kids to understand. The book tells the story of your family's journey and then educating people about the basics of type one diabetes but at the very end your son has signed it and say thank you. How did that piece come about one thing. I have matching yet. Is i actually did this whole thing in secret. Because i did it on my train rights. Nobody was watching me. And then at night i would. Once everybody wants a bad maybe work on it a little bit more. And this includes the whole process finding the illustrations kind. Framing it for them getting beta readers to help sharpen up the the rhyme and all that sort of thing and I wanted this kind of personal touch. Because i wanted people to read and realized that this wasn't a fictional character that this is a real boy there was maybe the same day that i asked andrew to write up a birthday card for birthday party. He was going to. I just took out another piece of paper and just ask them to write on it. Thank you for reading love andrew. You asked me. What's this for. And i was like i don't worry about it like i didn't really i. Just ask them to do it. Then put it all together. And then i when it was finally done i got to read it to my family for the first time you know. Naturally they all they all loved it. But i think i read it i to my wife and son while my daughter was napping. 'cause i didn't i kind of wanted to have their full attention. But after she woke up andrew took the book and he showed it to her and he flipped immediately to that cage. That had his writing on it and was like so proud of having that contribution to the buck That was the first thing he showed his little sister. That's great. There's a page the book that has him coming home and has gifts and things with a lotta beams on tags..

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