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So that's part of the economics of this, you could probably view this as a failure for the G league's new program where they're gonna be offering contracts up till like hundred twenty five K for players of Hampton Zilkha. And it looks like for whatever reason, Australia was. Dean more attractive for him. Then that Julie program a couple of other things to note Hampton. This was not an academic issue was not him lacking, qualifications. He he had a lot of high major offers. I think I heard Schmidt say that he has a three seven GPA so this is and moody to most recent and Brandon Jennings with broad of the three most recent top prospects overseas, all did have those activists. Right. So this is Hampton making a conscious choice. I think another important benefit you talked about the schedule the calendar. I think that's an a big benefit for the AL or the NBL, and another one is it's an English language country. So a lot of the adjustments like that, that Brandon Jennings went through going to Italy, not as big of a deal, and I'm going to be fascinated to see what this does to me. It's puts a stronger impetus on the NBA to figure things out to keep these players in house for fixed age limit. And I think it should be both a you. You create a, a series of different avenues within the United States, or at least North America to make that happen. So yeah, I'm very interested in how will this works out what the ripple effects are? Moving forward. I wouldn't be surprised if this continues to happen until the system gets fixed. Also, those came down while we were recording. OGSM Dobie upgraded to questionable. Yeah. Which L put we'll see whether he can get out there or not an how how much he can help him. He's been out over a month. And we also we also there was also reporting today because it was media day in Toronto that his appendix ruptured and said there was an infection issue, which is part of why he's been out. So, yeah, that's the Yanni's probably lost a lot of weight, more likely than not that he's not be able to be effective. And also as a non shooter brings some problems on the offensive end Elise shot poorly this season are anything else. Talk about four we go. Yeah, so my, my real GM radio episode for this week was a finals preview we actually covered some very different ground. I went talked with rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated, and then we also did a segment which we ended up doing this show. We've talked about it in different things on how these playoffs have affected the thought process for high profile free agents and Anthony Davis. That was really fun. Real Jim radio. What? Podcast player you like then my bucks off season preview came out for the ethnic and have some new material becoming out, but the other big one NBA cast back full-bore finals game. One starting at six PM Pacific nine pm eastern everywhere else, whatever it is there. And it'll be a lot of fun to talk about a game with these high stakes and to start a series like, you know, the warriors have had home court in all these finals. So we haven't really gotten to do that breakdown of a first game, which is for me. The most fun. Intellectually aren't, we'll taught you all tomorrow night when game one of the NBA finals is in the books until then.

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