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Or whether you know it was not about that but doc i did see greg do we have the latest of vendor was hit by a car or no it was event that actually backed into a pedestrian vakhtan oh okay but it wasn't serious i was minor leg minor leg injuries so that's all we have doc oh abso far now i can tell you i guys have been constructed changeless it twenty he and of course the revamped us drought as it is now the fancy now from the memo fade gideon had already been controversially at they ask but you have an experienced uh the there were kids of yondo teenagers unsupervised mmm rather gonna get eight or ten a bit dana start run in one direction and how chaos i experienced that last and when that lasted and 45minute up prior to the revamped uh stri as we know it is today and i i can appreciate that every time i go down there i know it i can still met with controversy the west set up now let up out you know rents today's dirty now wrote about a duck what about the weather was the weather okay i mean it was raining hard in north chat for a little while but i'll only from map per se i chicken out dabbed into champion didn't experience the one of a cat food alamo the on the strip there in the you know the chicken strips enough for my vantage point in in champions outage seattle little sprinkle no rain to to warrant anybody x dinner popping up an umbrella uh it was warm course unite payments sitting there baking holiday ruddock out of a non thing if you if you dressed for the occasion uh kind of a given fact openbook past if you go down there pair of that match that you don't know what to expect uh did have enjoyable overall experience i'll add to it uh in my opinion last year of the diverse crowd was manny ten manning ten mile race uh this year i was a little more diverse and 75 25 is all right uh yeah that's that's my opinion and a glad that he has now uh since the rave out i don't know well at the i think it's a i think it's a variety of issues doc thanks for the phone call appreciate the uh the review there i tell.

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