154: Scholarships for Student Activists


Scholarships for students who are involved. That's we're talking about in today's episode. College is expensive, but there is financial help available. You just need to know where to find it with her experience in helping her son when more than seven hundred thousand dollars in Scholarship Money Pam Andrews shares advice that helps high school. Students get into their dream, college and secure scholarships that will pay for it. Parents in this is. Is your place to gain practical easy to follow advice on the college process as well as tips from past scholarship winners, and now here's your host of the Scholarship Shark podcast. Pam Andrews Welcome back to the Scholarship Shark podcast. I'm Pam Andrews your host and in episode I am concluding are two part mini series where today I'm talking about scholarships for students who are involved in activism or in their community. So I want to talk to you about a few scholarships that may be appealing to your students, so the first one is if your student has ideas to fight childhood hunger than the Denny's hungry for education scholarship may be a good fit for them. This scholarship recognizes students by warning them with scholarships for their ideas to help denny's fight childhood hunger. All participants must be enrolled in an accredited institution K. through twelve high school or Either in the United States or in Puerto Rico. And applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Puerto Rico now what I like about this ship that it really does focus on student achievement because the minimum GPA is a two point five, and that's either in high school or College, so to apply, students will need to provide a three hundred word essay. If you're playing as a high school student or a five hundred word essay college student on how Denise Can Impact Childhood Hunger. Now you can only apply for one scholarship per program year, but if you don't win in high school, keep applying while you're in college until you win. The deadline for this scholarship is annually in December and the winner will receive one thousand dollars one time scholarship, and they award two

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