US Podcast Ad Revenues grew 48% in 2019



The US podcast at markets grew forty eight percent in two, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two, seven, hundred and eight million dollars, according to the AP's annual podcast revenue study that's nearly thirty million dollars higher than they predicted host read ads were responsible for two thirds of the revenue. Now will not hate a billion in two thousand, nine twenty, though, but we are still growing the IB predict slow growth of fourteen point seven percent this year to eight hundred and twelve million dollars. Thanks to the Pan Dome thanks pandemic. It's official scripts has agreed to sell stitcher to Sirius Xm. The agreed price is three hundred twenty five million dollars. Would expect the announcement of new CEO FOR POCKET CAST shortly. It's likely to be John W. Gibbons based in La. He's a strategic advisor to Pod chaser and worked at MD and Amazon for fourteen years. SPOTIFY's Gimblett media is being sued for failing to make its podcasts accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. The New York lawsuit argues that GIMBLETT VIOLATES THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT for failing to provide closed captioning on various podcasts. Americans are starting their audio day a little later, according to new research from Edison Research. We hope you're enjoying your lion. Shift the kickoff event for the podcast movement. University happens later today it's free to take part and free to be a member. Australia Triton digital have published their podcast report for June total downloads virtually unchanged. The report only mentions participating publishers, not including the country's largest podcast publisher the AP. Even? Though they said that they were joining in the next few months back in October, we've got a pressing corean again. Hey, are insi- our podcast network. Australia, still number one according to Triton claims podcast listening in the news and entertainment categories are record highs. Pontiac has released the US top twenty podcast rank earthy Ben Shapiro show climbs to number five that also only measures participating publishers podcast podcasters unlimited is a new podcast network and consultantcy Paul chaser ratings, reviews and replies and are available on pod Kite Zeno. Is To district NPR podcast on their diaspora focused service and Brad Schwartz. ooh became the new podcasting boss of audible. Last month has left the company after employees discovered an old sexual harassment lawsuit in which Schwartz was named. And KOSS news once upon a time in the valley from enter cadence thirteen launched today, before the was Paris or Kim. There was Traci Lords, but this adult star wasn't Demi. Moore is starring and producing in a brand new podcast. Dirty Diana, the story of a dying marriage. How to partners find their way back to each other. And returning for a second series story bound is a radio this a program designed for the podcast age collaboration between the POD, glamorous and lit hub radio

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