Jay-Z Jealousy

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OUR FIRST STORY! We're GONNA. Throw it back to jaising beyond plays relationship before when they'll in the elevator because Houston Rapper Bun B claims that he was kicked off the set of beyonce's check on it. Music video now was apparently dancing around and short skirt, skimpy outfits and Says Jay Z was not comfortable. He revealed on the nostalgia mix tape podcast that holds it called one of beyonce's assistance who then allegedly carried out his orders to clear all men from the set? Are you shocked to hear this? Do you feel Gysi was being a little overprotective I'm shocked to hear just because that's the opposite of how I would act if fiance was my partner. Like everybody, all these cool guys get in here. Check out how great she is the dancer. Check this out that she's in. How how lucky am I I'd be? I'd be more showing off. You know nothing about the community. And that is the. Way. People look at me and go. That guy knows about the hypocrisy's. Very naive answer, even bombie himself said Okay and he left because he totally understood. You WanNa know why because Bombay doesn't even trust me, so he totally understood dates. was onset, but means wife was on that. And this the thing like this is. He knew he was getting involved with someone else in the music industry. He knew he was getting involved with someone who was successful was going to have to do. Music Videos and tours, and also Jay Z has the skimpy women in his videos he's had. Women in hot tubs. Women dance flipping around all around him. So this to me if it is true, because this is only from be is was very insecure on his part in this was way back then, but I just feel like if it was good for the Goose Gander, I? Do think that like there are people out there. Men and women who like a partner who kind of has that controlling vibe I don't get it personally. Maybe on to actually was flattered that Jay Z did that I thought that's coming from a toxic place. Like even if you're saying that you, you know you want that I just feel like. Like as as a businesswoman, you should be able to conduct yourself and your partner should trust you that this is a this is fantasy. This isn't a real thing. He had his wife there. This is a business transaction assistance. We're their camera people. If this is a true story, this really shows like what Growth Jay Z. has gone through from then to now because that type of behavior was completely toxic, I think of the I think Jay Z. Trust beyond, say one hundred percent. I think he doesn't trust all the guys out there watching I. Don't know I just don't agree with someone coming in and taking charge she was. Was Not even involved in the project so I guess we will all have to agree to disagree on

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