Record Numbers of Americans Try to Buy Guns


Right I'm going to do something and those who are listening on radio, which is like ninety nine percent of you. You're going to be mad at me because you're not going to be able to see this. I have in my hand a case and it says Glock on it. It is Mike concealed carry weapon. It is a glock forty three X. And it is from true precision. And those of you who are yes. Let's see. Make sure I you this infocus. This gun is a work of art is from true precision It is a glock. Forty three x They have a barrel and slide. I gotta get the trigger upgrade. They put incites for me. The thing is a work of art I. It is a remarkably gorgeous gun The slide has a cammo pattern on it. I got to pick out the colors. I got to pick out the color of the barrel. Is is gray steel in black. There's also a better grip on it. It is, it's fantastic. They were able to upgrade this glock. Forty three x four conceal carry that now I. Love My concealed carry permit laps. I'm a huge fan of theirs. And I was a customer of theirs I. got this Gosh. Last summer I think and now they're an advertiser on the show, which is really cool. I know so when I was a kid, I listen to Paul Harvey My Dad Love Paul Harvey. There was the one time of day you get a spanking in my house. If you made noise while Paul Harvey was talking and and my dad loved him and. Paul Harvey you believed at least whether it was true or not that we actually used all of the things he advertised for and and I thought you know that's Legit, and so I like to advertise for companies that I'm actually customer of Omaha. steaks on my evening radio show or identity guard which I use for. For credit protection and and stuff and true position. I, I am an actual customer. This is my. True Precision Glock forty three ex that you could see if you were on. The camera and it's an awesome gun. You can go to true precision, and you can upgrade the parts for your guns the the. Do that other guns as well and what you do, is you go to true? Dash? Precision, DOT com. TRUE DASH PRECISION DOT com. If you use Eric Your I C. K at checkout you'll get ten percent off. Your debt. You'll get a discount You can upgrade slides. Barrels triggers it y'all they are they. They do such good work. I cannot recommend them enough the accuracy of this gun. The style of this gun when I go to the gun range, people ask where I got it it is true dash precision dot com. You will be very happy with your upgrades If you want to upgrade Y-, you got a handgun. You went. Upgrade it. TRUE DASH PRECISION DOT COM hands down They are so awesome to work with a you know interestingly enough as an aside so the gun store that I probably go to most often is incurable, and it's called shots but I love Barrow. Down in in Butler, but my in laws are over in Carrollton I'm trying to get on the radio station over there and I go to shots by it is. I mean not a mile from their house. It is down the street from them. And I saw on their instagram page yesterday that they're so overwhelmed with people picking up guns. They've ordered from elsewhere. That come in to the store that they're back ordered in their delayed, and you gotTa give them at least twenty four hours, preferably forty-eight hours to put everything into inventory and end licensing and the like to be able to give you your gun. And this is a nationwide trend. Sales of guns have gone through the roof. In this country. It is crazy. How many people are buying guns in this country, every thus far has been a high watermark for guns. March broke the record for gun sales. April broke marches. Record may broke April's record. June broke as record in July is now on track to break June's record and you know. What gun owners are you know? The the other name for gun owners. Republicans. The more this happens, the more it solidifies, sick amendment voters for the GOP The crime wave is going to be real problem for the Democrats.

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