GSMC Football Podcast Episode 614: Franchise Tag Showdown - burst 03


Be able to work everything out at the end of the day. Other news with deals done. myles Garrett, size a megadeal one hundred twenty five million dollar deal over five years over one hundred million guaranteed. Obviously myles. Garrett. We all know about what happened with Mason. Rudolph this past year, obviously the helmet, hitting incident, throwing incident, obviously not good blemish on his record, but the browns still looking house gary as a cornerstone piece, he was the number one overall draft pick for them a few years ago, and he is probably one of the best young defensive ends in the game today, and they're paying him like monster money for this, so they're obviously expecting him to be there. Jj Watt they're cluele. They're dominating disruptive defender and. You Know Hey. So people feel he got overpaid something he shouldn't have gotten paid. Obviously, some people are still bitter about the Mason Rudolph situation. He really just depends on what side you stand on. There's not A. Solidified side you could say. To

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