Topics is down 1.2%. Nikkei down 1.2% as well


Sullivan was speaking at the Bloomberg Invest Global Virtual summit. Also at that event, Bridgewater's Bob Prince said the impact of the pandemic could last 18 to 24 months. Complicating monetary on fiscal policy efforts to bolster the economy would have Muchmore course from the Bloomberg Invest virtual event. Lots of really big names. They're which will here later in the programme. Meanwhile, in terms ofthe what the Fed is saying the Chicago Fed president Charles Evans has won the recurring virus outbreaks will probably hurt US growth on keep unemployment levels elevated for some time to come. Understand. Lewis chief James Bullock called the pandemic a major crisis, though he still expects a strong second half recovery. Also, we're getting information now coming through from the International Monetary Fund in terms of its we use in the future. They've downgraded their outlook for the economy, projecting a significantly deeper recession on DH, a slow recovery Geeta cop Enough is the IMF chief economist. In case we have simulated of a second wave. Would generate basically zero growth in 2021 as compared to fight 20210.4% growth and 2021 which were projecting so so, yes, so that is the classic as shaped Non recovery and that would be a really dire outcome and begetting then even close it a great depression levels than we already are. The

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